will omega be the last dlc for the game

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User Info: Olympus Mons

Olympus Mons
5 years ago#21
If we had the talk about multi-player over taking the single player nature of this game a year ago, people would get upset. For many the whole point of this game was its single player experience. Not that multi is not fun, but its hardly the reason I loved this game all these years. Recently I heard the bean counter mentality on single player DL. Kind of tragic sad stuff. There were are so many places to take this story, but its fading fast. If we get Omega I wonder if it will actually do anything really for the whole story that has not been done already.... Not that it couldn't, but it doesn;t seem like the writers are all that inspired anymore at BioWare.

User Info: Rafficus_III

5 years ago#22
manonfiya posted...
Negative http://www.gameranx.com/img/12-Oct/11-1.JPG

This. There's supposedly more currently at work. It's going to a DA2 kind of thing, if fans keep thrashing it and sales weaken then ME3 gets the plug pulled regardless of how good the DLC is or what's in store. I hope ME3's DLC doesn't end until Bioware has finalized all these projects they have up their sleeve. DA2, though controversial, produced the best DLC in it's series and would have clarified the ending with a more stable epilogue act but it was scrapped. They said it was to focus on DA3, but everyone knows it was from constant fan backlash, some of which were upset when they found out what they lost in the process. I think Bioware has some good things in store for us and I'd like Shep'n'Crew's story arc furthered as much as they can with ME3, but in the end the series will live and die by the fans hand.
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  3. will omega be the last dlc for the game

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