Don't buy OMega DLC. It's not worth it as it turns out:

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  3. Don't buy OMega DLC. It's not worth it as it turns out:

User Info: Fraust

5 years ago#111
Well this DLC does sound disappointing, though I will still be getting it. I was kinda looking forward to a new squad mate as that makes replays a bit more fun. The no Normandy crew for the mission itself and only having Aria and her flunky though, that really sucks. I guess this DLC is really nothing more then an Aria fest. I mean I have nothing against her, I actually like her character but just having her and some no name turian to banter with. I like the little interactions you have with your team like in Leviathan depending on who is there. This it will be the same every damn mission. Ugh... Oh well maybe the mission itself will be awesome. I wonder if they are tossing in any new weapons or mods or maybe a bonus power for Shepard. Heh, who am I kidding.

User Info: BiggyDX

5 years ago#112
My question is what does it add outside of the story and maybe a few points to the EMS?
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User Info: LilyxLightning

5 years ago#113
BiggyDX posted...
My question is what does it add outside of the story and maybe a few points to the EMS?

A few new weapons: confirmed so far are the N7 Valkyrie, Chakram Launcher, and Collector Assault Rifle. We'll also be getting the new weapon mods that were introduced in multiplayer, and possibly a few new bonus powers.

User Info: melvin343

5 years ago#114
Even though this DLC is not what I expect to hear but I never really care for Aria in Bed With ME from the get-go nor this FemTurian. I'm cool with this DLC being only 4 hours but the other DLC I play like Overlard, LOTSB, and Leviathan, it took me like and hour-in-a-half to beat and they were all on Hard mode at that.

My real question is will there be new Weapons or Biotic Powers? [At lease bring back Lift from ME1 which should be use for only to lift Armor type enemies such as a Brute and Banshees would have justify the DLC at lease.]
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User Info: Fraust

5 years ago#115
Oh cool. I already have 2 of those guns but eh.

User Info: Tbx66

5 years ago#116
4 hours which pretty much means more or less an hour and a half.
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User Info: kaliskonig

5 years ago#117
So Nyreen is not a permanent member? I'll pass then. I wasn't expecting a romance from Aria...It would have been a silly move imo. But I wanted this because of the female turian whom I was looking forward to traveling with.

User Info: malicemizerfan

5 years ago#118
Halo_Forever posted...
Masemune_100 posted...
So a character with 30 minutes of screen time is a bigger Mary Sue than Commander ***ing Shepard? Really now, show a bit of intelligence.

A random crime lord who can boss around a goddamned Citadel Councilor is the very definition of Mary Sue.

really? random? did you miss the part where she basically runs all three major mercenary factions?hell, omega is practically a country by today's standards(has an economy, military, recognized leadership, and specific borders) and some prissy little soldier boy/girl comes in and has the gall to demand assistance from her? Christ, that was me you'd have 15 minutes to pack your **** and get the hell off my station.

seriously, she is easily angered, mildy psychotic, and could probably tear shepard's spine out with her mind.
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  3. Don't buy OMega DLC. It's not worth it as it turns out:

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