Don't buy OMega DLC. It's not worth it as it turns out:

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  3. Don't buy OMega DLC. It's not worth it as it turns out:

User Info: Jedi_Mercenary

4 years ago#91
I think the real question about this DLC is: Do you get to kill Aria yourself? I don't mean just get her killed, I mean shoot her, put her on a husking spike and then decapitate the husk. She is by far the character I hate the most in ME (or any franchise ever).
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User Info: Bourne_Endeavor

4 years ago#92
I'll youtube it and read some user reviewers beforehand. The price though is obviously EAWare's attempt to get something out of the "free" EC.
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User Info: RKOMe2011

4 years ago#93
The Aria Killing choice will more than likely be towards the end of the Omega DLC meaning a key choice more than likely activated via Paragon/Renegade triggers.

Or done via Dialogue Wheel you can pick the choices from there between Aria or the General at that key moment then you will get the Assests from the one you save but you will lose the ones you killed.

I had a gut feeling Aria was going to bite the dust on Omega either by Shepard's Hands in some Ultra cool way or KIA via combat on Omega through Ceberus forces or other means.

Wait until Nov 27th the thing will be plastered on Youtube fully revealed.


4 years ago#94
Cant have sex with aria cancels pre order

User Info: Masemune_100

4 years ago#95
PsyrenCall posted...
So, let me get this straight. It's an Aria fest, it's aaaaall about Aria, Aria, Aria, and some random Turian woman. She isn't a permanent party member, she's not going to get much development as a result... So we're left with four hours of DLC centered on one of the worst characters in the entire franchise? I'm sorry, but I'm not paying 1200 XBLA points to spend four hours with BioWare's beloved Mary Sue.

So a character with 30 minutes of screen time is a bigger Mary Sue than Commander ***ing Shepard? Really now, show a bit of intelligence.
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User Info: casedawgz

4 years ago#96
Yeah, to be a Mary Sue the character needs to be improbably great at everything, possibly with one token character flaw. Since we never see Aria do anything, how can she be a Mary Sue? Unless you're thinking that the improbable thing is for a female to be a crime boss, in which case shame on you.

User Info: RKOMe2011

4 years ago#97
my FemShep dosent need to bang Aria she is already banging Liara has since Mass Effect 1 so she needs no romance.

Aria being romanceable wake up it wasnt going to happen. like the previous guy or girl said the game has a steady line-up of Romance available now we dont need Aria or Fem-Turian.

I also think the part about all future DLCs being a 1 shot deal is also correct and the hubs will not be re-vistable once you finished that DLC so once you finished you are realy finished.

Levi done it now Omega does it. Like that one person said There is a war going on dont have time to bang Aria also why would i want to when I have Liara with FemShep.

User Info: Chr0noid

4 years ago#98
No Normandy crew at all

Thank you TC. Definitely not buying it now.

inb4 you weren't going to buy it anyway!

And yes I used inb4 incorrectly. Do I care? I'll give you two guesses.
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User Info: Locklan

4 years ago#99
Eh I would have bought it if the Turian was a permanent squady, I like playing through with different character combinations and I dislike many of the characters. No Krogan, no Drell, I really expected to get a couple more after what they did in ME2.

The price is pretty steep too and Aria doesn't interest me, though Omega was a cool area.
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User Info: Shad0wCK

4 years ago#100
Don't worry TC, I'll also not be buying it. YouTube all the way.

People buying this garbage clearly have lots of cash to throw away.
It's true what they say, the grass is always greener, and you don't really know what it is you have, until it's gone...gone. Gone.
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  3. Don't buy OMega DLC. It's not worth it as it turns out:

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