What did you get in your N7 pack?

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User Info: HueyFreman

5 years ago#1
Black Widow I

I completely forgot that I didn't have it as I'm not a sniper.
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User Info: worldmind

5 years ago#2
Harrier 1...yay
only 1 Ur left

User Info: Ghaleun

5 years ago#3
A Javelin

User Info: bessy67

5 years ago#4
I got Typhoon III. I've since gotten 5 more UR's in 3 psp's. Either today's my lucky day, or UR's are a lot less rare for N7 day...
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User Info: blueskulldragon

5 years ago#5
thermal clips, ap rounds 3, & a saber.

in the words of daniel bryan, YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!
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User Info: Insanerider

5 years ago#6
I pulled in a Particle Rifle I from mine.
I was surprised, I thought they'd just give us a N7 promo weapon.
The word of the day is "Legs." Spread it around.
GT: TimoInsano

User Info: herduliekmudkip

5 years ago#7
particle rifle 1

then the first spectre pack i bought gave me black widow 8

worst day of my life so far
Meet herduliekmudkip hater of all things powerful and easy to use. ~ donkeyofdestiny

User Info: XenoSuikoden

5 years ago#8
Black Widow 1

I barely used this gun in SP and I played as an Infiltrator. I doubt I will get much use out of it in multiplayer.

User Info: Dave4202

5 years ago#9
I got the Saber, was really hoping to get the Harrier finally >.<

User Info: Praetor18

5 years ago#10
Indra 2
El Psy Congroo
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