What did you get in your N7 pack?

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User Info: MedicFromHell

5 years ago#51
Haven't put in the game yet, I guess I should.
GT: Razerath
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User Info: Vergil92

5 years ago#52
Finally got the Cerberus Harrier.
The mirror is a trigger and your mouth's a gun. Lucky for me I'm not the only one.
Haley Joel Osment 5 years ago#53
Scorpion I.

The last gun I hadn't unlocked, but still incredibly underwhelming.
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User Info: TheBlackAce222

5 years ago#54
Paladin 1
Too bad Carnifex IX is better
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User Info: livinlargetommi

5 years ago#55
First Javelin in 600 n7 ranks.
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User Info: Obviousss

5 years ago#56
Scorpion I
XBL GT: Corvolt

User Info: turtle225

5 years ago#57
wraith I

User Info: ozzyman314

5 years ago#58
M-99 Sabre.

I'm starting to doubt that this so called "Cerberus Harrier" even exists.
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User Info: Logective

5 years ago#59
I didn't get one.

User Info: Doofe_2012

5 years ago#60
Talon I
Gamertag: ColossusCHD
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  3. What did you get in your N7 pack?

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