What did you get in your N7 pack?

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User Info: pfh1001

4 years ago#81
Talon. Meh.

User Info: CrusnikCain

4 years ago#82
Typhoon I now all i need is a Valkyrie tell they decide to add another gun
Gamer Tag : CrusnikCain

User Info: Nafzger

4 years ago#83
Scorpion IX
XBL:ArsenalofGlory | PSN: Nafzger
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User Info: J_Can_Man

4 years ago#84
Black Widow 1, will probably never use it, I have more sniper rifles than any other weapon, and I never use then.
You have no idea 'bout me...do you?

User Info: GodsIndignation

4 years ago#85
Valkyrie III. -_-

My URs are far from maxed and I get this... Disappointed.
Why are we born, if only to die so swiftly?

User Info: Rogue Mutt

Rogue Mutt
4 years ago#86
Indra I

This plus the Harrier I earlier in the week . . . I'm just so happy :)

User Info: MassEffectDude

4 years ago#87
Paladin 1
Gamertag - OptimusGamer81


4 years ago#88
From: HueyFreman | #001
Black Widow I

Smeg Head.

User Info: ArtisticChic

4 years ago#89
Indra, bout time :)

User Info: boring

4 years ago#90
scorpion 9....although the mil a spent afterwards gave me a black widow 2 after so long of not giving me even 1...
Keep the violence on the screen and off the streets.
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  3. What did you get in your N7 pack?

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