What's your commonly used secondary weapon?

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User Info: led777

4 years ago#21
Hurricane or Acolyte, I've been running the two together on the Vdept and Fury.
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User Info: Insanerider

4 years ago#22
A common secondary for me is either a SMG or a Heavy Pistol seeing as how both have ULM.
For SMGs, it doesn't particularly matter since my ULM is rank V so any SMG I own weighs next to nothing though I usually choose either the Tempest or the Locust because they don't have any gimmicks or recoil problems.
For HPs, I run the Eagle almost exclusively though the Phalanx also sees use as the Eagle is full auto, the Phalanx has good power and both are very accurate and don't usually require ULM.
If I had a higher level Hurricane that was lighter, I wouldn't feel like I am being forced to sacrifice ULM for the recoil system.
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User Info: Malzel

4 years ago#23
Hurricane. Paired with Acolyte.

No but seriously they need to nerf the Acolyte.
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User Info: andy12handy

4 years ago#24
The acolyte is way op.

It does like 5000 to shields in a single hit.

I carry that thing around all the time.
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User Info: DuneMan

4 years ago#25
As long as enough people don't catch on then Bioware won't see fit to nerf it.

But yeah, if you have it on an Infiltrator you can easily deal 5,000+ damage to shields/barriers per shot while cloaked.
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User Info: AngryOldFeral

4 years ago#26
Claymore. One shot of loud, concentrated "**** YOU!" when I need it.
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User Info: Evil Engel

Evil Engel
4 years ago#27
I rarely use a secondary weapon. Typically only if I don't care about cool down. So the only other time I actually use a secondary is sometimes if I use my turian sentinel with a tempest I wont have armor piercing on it. So I'll have a phalanx with AP to take down guardians or occasionally against big armored targets.
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User Info: ghosta2

4 years ago#28
None as I rarely use more then just one gun.
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User Info: Jarten

4 years ago#29
Secondary? I only need one weapon.
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