Balance changes tomorrow? Maybe?

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User Info: code_kirin

5 years ago#21
Do people still not know about backfire damage on sabotage? Still, it's not going to hit very hard without cloak bonuses, and synthetic hacking is complete garbage. I wonder if homing grenade will even be buffed by tech vulnerability..

If you ask me, Turian Saboteur will be the perfect chance to buff both the female quarians a bit.

User Info: LatchKeyKid

5 years ago#22
Sabotage not granting points based on the backfire damage probably has a lot to do with it not being seen more, although with the challenges it makes getting points with bad guns easier (as long as a teammate doesn't pick off your sabotage'd enemies).
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User Info: El_Virus

5 years ago#23
I've experience fire delay on the gets turret, but it's fairly negible. However, I've notice that even though the turret spits fire, it doesn't actually ignite enemies reliably. Sometimes I have to wait a few seconds and sometimes they do not get ignited at all! I am not sure if it's just me.
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  3. Balance changes tomorrow? Maybe?

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