Do you approve of the missile glitch

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User Info: iedahG

4 years ago#91
From: WatermelonFarts | #408
I notice you refer to any means of gaining credits other than missile glitching as grinding. I would like to state that you're in the minority.

If you referring to me then all I have to say is nope and who cares? That assumption cant really back it up.
There alt of sound reasons that suggest that some parts of this system is inferior when compared to others games and its unnecessary.
(='.'=) --" Make things easy for people, not difficult."

User Info: MegaBeast07

4 years ago#92
I havent run into a missile glitcher yet.
At this point in the game,i guess i wouldnt mind occasionally playing w/one for easy creds,as i have less time on ME3 as i use to.
but me,i would never do it myself.
GT-DeathDealer 78 The "L" is an uppercase i

User Info: Logective

4 years ago#93
WatermelonFarts posted...
Logective posted...
WatermelonFarts posted...
Get a glitcher and a non-glitcher. I'd bet money that a person playing the game normally will have more fun and play longer than someone who missile glitches every round.

It's no fun destroying everything with a shot so no ish.

Then again, you miss the point of glitching.

I'm assuming the point of missile glitching is to get credits faster than normal play so you can get more packs and have a higher chance of getting what you want, right? What happens when you just get everything at X? I think that a non-glitcher will still outlast a missile glitcher because a non-glitcher has the "what's in the next pack?" thing going for it and won't unlock everything as fast. Although this may not be true since I have friends who have everything maxed that still play, although not as much as my friends who don't.

I have maybe 2 UR weapons not maxed and I actually like playing.

MP games die out. It's as simple as that. That's why there are updates and such.

After awhile, ANYONE that goes too long without that UR will become dissatisfied with that system.

My interest was kept going by new maps, Collectors, classes, and most importantly, Plat difficulty. If this stayed with the original maps and classes only, I may have stopped playing already or played a ton less.

This is not a stretch.

Weird you don't understand something so simple.

User Info: WatermelonFarts

4 years ago#94
i didn't become dissatisfied with the system...
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