The most annoying/stupid part of the Mass Effect story

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User Info: twinstarnumber1

4 years ago#41
should have been a choice for the overall fact that the majority of your choices you made throughout the entire series didn't matter. It's not like it was a surprise coming up on ME3, they started off right away in Part 2 not making a difference. I understand the difficulties in navigating every branching path that's possible but still none the less the story would have been a 1000 times better if your choices made a real difference.
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User Info: PsyrenCall

4 years ago#42
While the Catalyst does bug the **** out of me, TIM's devolution into a Saturday morning cartoon villain from 1984 was worse.
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User Info: Carribean_Cool

4 years ago#43
PsyrenCall posted...
While the Catalyst does bug the **** out of me, TIM's devolution into a Saturday morning cartoon villain from 1984 was worse.

This so much. They should have just stuck him with "results at all cost" kind of guy. Nothing more, nothing less.
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User Info: LusterPaladin

4 years ago#44
Elcor Evacuation - The Greatest Last Stand Ever

What exactly is this about? I don't I ever seen this.
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User Info: Rannek17

4 years ago#45
Rachni won it for me. Really badly missed opportunity there.

User Info: TheM00d

4 years ago#46
NS_RegentPark posted...
Why does Udina have black hair

I thought this too.

User Info: AnonyMouseX

4 years ago#47
Bhellium posted...
Aria is not a Mary Sue

This x10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

If you don't like Aria, fine, but she is nowhere near Mary Sue level. If you want Mary Sue, try Liara or Shepard. Shep gets away with it because s/he's the player character, but Liara is cringeworthy. I don't dislike Liara as a character, but she's so far into Sue-dom she plays out like a bad fanfic.

User Info: sheepman23

4 years ago#48
Gosh, this is a hard decision.

- I hated, absolutely HATED Starchild and everything about him - even with the Extended Cut I can't stand his part in it.

- Kai Leng is one of the most terrible character ideas ever.

- While I can sort of understand that the indoctrination affected The Illusive Man in ME3, I still don't think that's justification for Cerberus battling the whole friggin' galaxy. I mean, seriously, a coup on the Citadel?

I'm going to go with Starchild. There is nothing worse than a random, supernatural character that appears at the end of a series to say that he's in control of everything.

User Info: turtle225

4 years ago#49
while there were many things that annoyed me with ME3's story, I'm going to have to pick how they handled the whole war assets thing.

You spend all of me3 gathering up war assets that mean absoultely nothing.

in my opinion, the war assets should affect the final battle. A dragon age: origins deal would have been great. If you saved the krogan, but pissed off the salarians, then you get krogan shock troops for support, but lose out on salarian sniper squads. If you trick wreave, you can get both.

If you bring peace with the quarians and the geth, you get quarian marines and geth prime support units. If not, you get one or the other.

With the ability to summon support troops, the final battle could have been a lot cooler. They would have had to severly alter the earth battles to make them more difficult to account for your npc allies. The more support you garnered throughout the series, the easier it was to take earth. If you didn't gather much support, than the final battles would be a lot harder.

Another possiblilty would be to pull a suicide mission deal where instead of giving positions to squadmates, you give positions to armies. War asssets could play a part here. The more assets you have for each faction, the better they perform/more forces you get to work with.

What dissapoints me the most, is that you spend so much time getting all of the galaxy to cooperate, and then procede to solo the final mission... wtf is that? This idea would allow some of our decisions throughout the series to have affected at least something. Imo, it would have made the final battle much more interesting and fun as well.

User Info: Halo_Forever

4 years ago#50
Regarding all the decent options brought up here, there is simply too much wrong in ME3 to fit in all into one poll.

Bhellium posted...
Aria is not a Mary Sue

Then what would you classify her as, she has the plot gravitation of the Great Attractor, is capable of things that even the hyper ass pull Cerberus from Mass Effect 3 can't do (see controlling a councilor compared to Cerberus tricking him), can control mortal enemies into an effective fleet, takes over Omega etc.
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