People doing rage-medigel?

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User Info: Crono exe

Crono exe
5 years ago#1
I play silver most of the times and its not rare to see people medigel right away after dying even before wave 3, why? Why do this when I'm next to you? Is this sign of a bad player?

Then when its wave 10 and the rest of the team gets sync killed he won't medigel because he ran out of it.
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User Info: Jetblackmoon

5 years ago#2
If it happens once in awhile, might be a rage-gel. Most people just do it because they don't want to wait for someone to pick them up. Usually the sign of a bad player unless you're doing speedruns.

Personally, I always wait until the last minute/I'm about to get executed in case someone can revive me. Only time I'll gel sooner is if everyone is down, since someone needs to get up.
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User Info: Rafficus_III

5 years ago#3
No, not really. I do it when I'm upset with myself for discipline, only once and when I know I'm in a tight spot. After I lose one medi-gel I tend to play a lot smarter. However, there have been times where I'll gel and someone will start trying to revive me and I never even saw them.
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User Info: chzup

5 years ago#4
Guilty. Though it is usually a rage medigel for being dumb and trying to be a hero.
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User Info: AnonymousFriend

5 years ago#5
It's a judgement call, for me, and depends on whether we're using mics or not. In the first two waves, it's "Man, I was stupid and careless!! *Self-revive*". On Objective Waves, it depends on if the objective can spare half the team. Regular mid-match waves I usually wait it out.

Challenge Weekends are totally different. I need those points!!
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User Info: manbearpig654

5 years ago#6
lol. I do it all the time.
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User Info: Tysakasa

5 years ago#7
Well it also depends on what faction you're facing. Sometimes even on silver the enemies do get a little stomp happy. There's been a few times where after going down, if I'm out on my own (usually out of boredom to be honest) the enemy doesn't spend much time waiting around to stomp me.

But yeah there have been a few moments where we're late in a game and the team I'm with should go back to bronze and I'll get a bit frustrated and just use a medi-gel to ensure we finish.

User Info: Cronauron

5 years ago#8
I noticed that every time I give up and throw my controller in a fit of furious blind rage, it always triggers a medigel.

User Info: BlitzKing900

5 years ago#9
If I do something dumb then I get myself up asap. Lately though I've been doing it pretty much as soon as I die just to get on with it. I don't run out but its still becoming a bad habit for me.
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User Info: abyss

5 years ago#10
A couple of reasons:

Lack of trust in teammates - sorry, but a lot of people are terrible. You've got no guarantee you're in a match with people who are half decent, compared to morons who are going to get themselves all killed. Geling early may seems like a bad idea until the rest of your team gets wiped because they're bad.

Lack of contribution - "Hey, it's cool, I'll just sit here and bleed out while you guys do all the work." Some people are going to gel because they can, and they don't want to sit around on their ass while other people carry them.

Wanting more score - kind of the same as the above, but for a different reason. Time spent down = time not stealing other players kills, man!

I wouldn't necessarily say it's the sign of a bad player, just not someone playing the 'correct' way.
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