What did u get out of your Commendation Pack?

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  3. What did u get out of your Commendation Pack?

User Info: Rafficus_III

4 years ago#21
Crusader upgrade.
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User Info: maturin1919

4 years ago#22
Eagle VI.

I hadn't gotten one in a while, I hope this isn't the start of a new trend.
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Lord of Nightmares 4 years ago#23
Valiant IV

User Info: Charmile

4 years ago#24
Shigmiya64 posted...
Another Hurricane, drat.

Same but only because I want to knock my Crusader out
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User Info: Earthshaker

4 years ago#25
Whatever the shotgun is (I forget its name)
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User Info: FearOfTheLight

4 years ago#26
My third Hurricane! Something tells me it's going to be a looooong wait to the Valkryie.
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User Info: Doolz2024

4 years ago#27
Valiant III. Finally got something besides the Eagle or Crusader for the first time in 5 weeks.

User Info: Jetblackmoon

4 years ago#28
N7 Eagle VII
N7 Crusader V
N7 Valiant IV
N7 Hurricane III
N7 Valkyrie I
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User Info: SadisticToaster

4 years ago#29
Valiant III
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User Info: Boohuut

4 years ago#30
Valkyrie I
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  3. What did u get out of your Commendation Pack?

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