What did u get out of your Commendation Pack?

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User Info: NS_RegentPark

4 years ago#41
Eagle VI (6) !! YES.
I'm pretty sure the Crucible was supposed to harness the dark energy of Haestrom to destroy the Reapers

User Info: HueyFreman

4 years ago#42
Hurricane VI
Valiant 0
Crusader VI
Valkyrie 0
Eagle V
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User Info: Ghostfeet

4 years ago#43
Goddamn piece of **** Valiant V. Anything else, anything at all would have been better.

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User Info: J_Can_Man

4 years ago#44
Valiant 2, a gun I never use...typical.
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User Info: Caelestine

4 years ago#45
Shigmiya64 posted...
Another Hurricane, drat.

I would trade you the crusader (III) I've got. Oh wait, you are just rubbing it in, aren't you?

User Info: reverendmeta

4 years ago#46
Got a Valkyrie I

Interested to try it out.
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User Info: XenoSuikoden

4 years ago#47
Valiant 1

User Info: perfect_general

4 years ago#48
Hurricane VI. Still want the Valkyrie, only gun I don't have.
"He who laughs last, doesn't get the joke"

User Info: ozzyman314

4 years ago#49
Valkyrie II

Only N7 weapon I don't have is the Eagle.
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User Info: 187mike

4 years ago#50
Hurricane III...

Wanted a Crusader IX
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  3. What did u get out of your Commendation Pack?

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