What did u get out of your Commendation Pack?

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User Info: Safer_777

4 years ago#51
Valkyrie 2.I wanted a Hurricane 4 but alas.
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User Info: Malzel

4 years ago#52
Eagle IV
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User Info: Nafzger

4 years ago#53
Crusader V
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User Info: Jormungandr315

4 years ago#54
Valkyrie l. Meh.

User Info: gunhole

4 years ago#55
ops pack / cryo rounds / valiant iv

I guess it could've been worse and contained.... I dunno, a disciple. or a disease....?

User Info: Skydude

4 years ago#56
Upgraded my Valiant to II. Just started playing a little ways back, so this is just my 6th commendation weapon.
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User Info: ozzyman314

4 years ago#57
Valkyrie II
Crusader II

Everything else @ I
Just missing the Typhoon & Eagle.
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User Info: Talon5967

4 years ago#58
Hurricane V :D
One of my most used weapons.

Crusader IV
Valiant IV
Eagle II

No Valkyrie yet. And the only operation I've missed since July was Blast Furnace.
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