Is this game's ending really that bad? *Please don't spoil*

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  3. Is this game's ending really that bad? *Please don't spoil*

User Info: cdog21

4 years ago#81
Devil_wings00 posted...
It's a piece of fiction that was very sloppily written, filled with plot holes (which they did fix most of them in the EC) and a big ol sloppy dues ex machina.

Sometimes I feel many gamers don't indulge in other fiction like books or movies sometimes. The reaction was so over the top. It was like it was the first time anything they have ever read, played or watched disappointed them or something. I've read hundreds of books with poor endings and saw dozens of movies with equally disappointing endings. I didn't flip my s*** and ask the creators for a rewrite every time it happened. Sometimes things we like don't turn out the way we hope. You should go "oh damn, that sucks" and we move the F*** on. Criticize away but even the EC felt like to much of a creative concession to fan b****ing for my taste.

If I've spent over $200 on something and it winds up sucking in the end, you better believe I'm gonna let people know
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User Info: OEIO999

4 years ago#82
Yes, it is. But people made way big of a deal about it.

To me, it was just the tipping point to an already garbage plot

User Info: SageOfLife

4 years ago#83
Pre-EC, yes it really is that bad. Post-EC it's acceptable. Except Synthesis.
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User Info: OmniVoid

4 years ago#84

The more you think about it the worse it gets. At it's core, it conflicts with every theme Mass Effect has established and reinforced up until that final point. And a fair number of things don't make any sense at all.

Even if Mass Effect 3 was a stand alone game and not the third part of a trilogy those glaring internal contradictions are still beyond dissatisfying. It doesn't have anything to do with it being short, or it arguably not being a "happy" ending.

That said, the whole rest of the game is still mostly amazing. MP is lots of fun too.

User Info: Ryan-06

4 years ago#85
No its not. Not gonna bother reading the rest of this since its the same thing for the last several months anyway.

Enjoy the trilogy tc. I loved it all.
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User Info: Talon5967

4 years ago#86
The choices you make throughout the series affected the original endings in no way whatsoever. Add to that the fact that all three of the original endings were almost identical, with only very tiny differences between them (not including the palette swaps). The only things your previous choices changed were which of those tiny differences you got, and did that only by giving points. Your final point total determined the threshold that determined which of the changes you saw.
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User Info: pfh1001

4 years ago#87
^The whole Shepard as messiah thing really came out of nowhere considering Shepard's name is a tribute to astronaut pioneer Alan Shepard according to Bioware, not another lame Jesus metaphor.

Also, when I said that fans more involved in the series are more likely to be critical of the game/ending, I was referring to the fact that the more you have invested in something, the more likely you are to notice the flaws that others might miss.

For example, the more hardcore Star Wars fans have decried a number of the changes Lucas has made to the original trilogy because of a number of reasons (and I mostly agree with them, as someone who grew up on Star Wars) but more casual fans often don't care that much. That isn't to say that they're bad fans, as someone here argued, just that they are not as invested.

User Info: ThunderCavalier

4 years ago#88
The ending is a disappointment to the trilogy, but ME3 is still a good game regardless.
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User Info: Hierarchy225

4 years ago#89
Hope you installed the Extended Cut/

User Info: kungfuj0

4 years ago#90
I really wish people would stop acting as if the EC fixed anything. It didn't.

The EC is about like spraying cheap air freshener after taking a good dump. Just because there is now a rosy scent in the air doesn't mean that the smell from the dump is gone.

Did it clear up a few things? Yes. But, it left starbrat in the game, and the fact that he is still in the game at all means that the ending is still ****, EC or no EC.
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  3. Is this game's ending really that bad? *Please don't spoil*

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