Best weapons to give to teammates in SP?

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User Info: HueyFreman

5 years ago#1
Sounds like an odd question but does the CPU use certain weapons better than others?
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User Info: bessy67

5 years ago#2
Prothean Particle Rifle. I've also heard that teammates do well with the Cerberus Harrier, but I never purchased the DLC that gives you that gun.
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User Info: deathscythe257

5 years ago#3
PPR for assault rifle, this allows them to paint targets for you, it comes in handy against cerberus, since squad AI doesnt recognize the smoke.

Sniper, strongest one you got (window/javelin/mantis)

Pistol, same as sniper

Shotgun, Evisercator

SMG, tempest
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User Info: ArkJJ

5 years ago#4
AR depends on the teammate. Ashley should use N7 Typhoon, everyone else PPR. Shotguns, the less spread the better so N7 Crusader is probably best. SMG's should be Tempest, GPSMG, or BPP. Widow or BW are good SR's, but the KSR works right after the latest patch. Pistol you'll want good power and accuracy so the Paladin or the Executioner.
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User Info: Arizona_Joe

5 years ago#5
I don't like giving weapons to more than one person so here's my list.

Garrus - Black Widow/Phaeston
EDI - Hurricane/Talon
Liara - Blood pack SMG/Pistol
Kaidan Harrier/Eagle
Ashley - Reverent/Indra
James - Typhoon/Claymore
Tali - Crusader/Arc pistol
Javik - Particle rifle/Scorpion
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