and I'm reminded why teamwork makes this game so much easier

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User Info: eston

4 years ago#11
I found some randoms the other day that worked fantastically as a team. It was the most fun I'd had with this game in awhile. I played as many matches with them as I could :D

User Info: gobuffalo30

4 years ago#12
sheepman23 posted...
It's always really nice when you can get some synergy with another teammate. Whenever in the lobby, I always try to make sure that my abilities will gel well with the others; for instance, if there's atleast one other Adept in the group, I'll switch to my Fury or Asari Adept and then follow them around to produce as many biotic explosions as possible.

Fire explosions are boss... I've just gotten in the habit of following anyone with Flamer around while playing as an Engineer class.

Interesting on the fire explosions. I'm using the GE and using the flamethrower with the turret but a lot of the times I don't get a fire explosion when using Overload. Am I missing something on that?

User Info: zayn2123

4 years ago#13
FullMetalMania posted...
That's funny, I was playing with a guy today who was a Paladin and everything was dying stupid fast. Of course, he had his cool downs super low so he was spamming Snap Freeze and Incinerate faster than I could do Warp -> Shockwave so we were getting mostly Cryo Explosions.

Only after I bled out in wave 8 (having used that last of my Medigel in a previous game) did I realize that 1) He was outscoring me by a mile when we were both off on our own anyway, so I should have just sucked it up and stuck with him (I like to top the scoreboard, sue me) and 2) We were killing everything SO FAST when we were together.

What would have tickled my ego way more, if not be quite as effective, is if the Volus I played with later had actually stuck next to me and spammed Shield Boost when I was playing my Geth Infiltrator. As it stood, he mostly ran around on his own and just kinda did dick for damage. The next game when I was a Slayer he stayed a little closer for maximum Phase Disruptor spam, though, so that was nice.

was that you? I had a similar experience.
The guy complimented my cryo explosions but I could hear the bitterness in his voice when he didn't get his bio explosion kill
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  3. and I'm reminded why teamwork makes this game so much easier

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