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Do power ammos make insanity in sp easier?

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  3. Do power ammos make insanity in sp easier?

User Info: pcmike2

5 years ago#1
I always figured that if you don't use ammo like cryo or incendiary, it would make the game more difficult. Is that really the case or am I stupoid?
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User Info: WatermelonFarts

5 years ago#2
use exploding incendiary on the particle rifle

User Info: invidoverlord

5 years ago#3
ammo powers are epic, having trouble bringing down a shied? pop on disruptor, trouble finishing that brute, burn its butt with incendiary or punch through with AP.

Ammo power is there to help you not hinder.
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User Info: El_Virus

5 years ago#4
Yes, ammo powers make the game easier, but not by a great amount. You could still beat insanity without them, specially if you more power driven. Using them is a big plus and will make your life easier.
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User Info: invidoverlord

5 years ago#5
well he could go the techarmor/barrier, or ME 1 immunity way and then warp the testies off anything and shoot them then.....
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User Info: XgArrancar

5 years ago#6
Part of why insanity is so easy is because of how broken ammo powers can be. Another part is weight system.
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User Info: Insanerider

5 years ago#7
Absolutely, everytime I spec one of my squaddies powers trees and they have an ammo power, I make sure they can give it to everyone.
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User Info: Spartan0fCha0s8

5 years ago#8
Isn't insanity easy enough as it is? This game is way too easy lol. ME2 was much much more difficult
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User Info: Da_doppen

5 years ago#9
I agree, ME2 was the only ME game which was hard on insanity. ME1 was just tedious, ME3 was just easy.
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  3. Do power ammos make insanity in sp easier?

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