Commendation pack?

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User Info: perfect_general

5 years ago#41
Finally got the Valkyrie. Any good?
"He who laughs last, doesn't get the joke"

User Info: Ryan-06

5 years ago#42
A fleshlight. Blue.
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User Info: Ghostfeet

5 years ago#43
perfect_general posted...
Finally got the Valkyrie. Any good?

Its pretty decent.
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User Info: DDRPimp123

5 years ago#44
Shotgun lol just three more of thoses and I will never see it again lol. Does have any of the weapons at 10 yet?
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User Info: Big_D83

5 years ago#45
Hurricane X

User Info: MerenwenHelyane

5 years ago#46
Valiant III
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User Info: NS_RegentPark

5 years ago#47
LOL @ people complaining about the Crusader. Weight aside, it's one of the most powerful shotguns in the game. Rapid fire + high damage output.

Slap it on a GI (I know) but it's okay
I'm pretty sure the Crucible was supposed to harness the dark energy of Haestrom to destroy the Reapers

User Info: otakon2006

5 years ago#48
Another goddamn Valiant. Seriously the hell Bioware give me a HURRICANE! 8 months, EIGHT MONTHS and I have an Eagle 5, Valiant 6 and Crusader 8. And I missed one so that's basically 20 chance's to get a Hurricane and no Hurricane. God the RNG of this game gives me the s(YAY)s...

User Info: eX Calmune

eX Calmune
5 years ago#49
Valiant V. I'd trade 4 ranks of that for 4 ranks on my Hurricane if I could.

User Info: xionnoix

5 years ago#50
hurricane 9.
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