How do you guys even play on gold?

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User Info: PhilOnDez

5 years ago#11
Enemy_AC130 posted...
I start by not caring if someone steals my kill.
Every time I try to go where I really wanna be it's already where I am, 'cuz I'm already there

User Info: Mr_Pipboy

5 years ago#12
Mobility is the key for me. Mobility and smart manipulation of cover. Once you understand how to use the environment to your advantage, you will do well.

Other helpful tips:
- Learn the Spawn points. Use a geth with hunter mode (with range) if you need help.

- Do not camp. Camping for the most part is death. You can hold down an area, and fight at a choke point, but know when to run is key

- Do not retreat in straight lines. You stagger easier from hit to the back, so move in angles.

- Sometimes falling back means pushing through an enemy line.

- Stick with your team mates, or at the very least go out in 2's

- Ignore your ego. Who cares if you are third or last in points and that vanguard keeps giving you assists. You all get the same points and credits. Revive, do objectives. Make yourself useful. YOU WILL GET BETTER

- Knowing when not to gel or use a missile is way more important than knowing when to. Bad players rage gel only to fall again. Allow your team to help you. Same goes with missiles. They are mainly for clearing objective waves. You're playing gold, presumably the people you are playing with can handle a banshee or two unless you're boxed in or tied to a hack point.
In case you can't tell, I was being sarcastic.

User Info: bloodgod92

5 years ago#13
Safer_777 posted...
Don't be afraid to use consumables.If you win and extract you get around 80.000 gold.With 33.000 gold you can buy 5 of every consumable so you will always have a profit.

I had no choice, I died 3 times and was nearly dead twice, Once i ran out of ammo, if I had any missiles left It would not have been so hard :) I got there after 6-7 minutes though... but I tell you, I don;t plan on playing gold again any time soon...
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User Info: code_kirin

5 years ago#14
Bad teammates make it harder than it has to be. You have to know the maps and the spawns. If you clear out a bunch of enemies at one spawn, they're going to show up on one of the spawn points you're not at. Use soft cover by peeking out beside a wall. This only works if you're on the right side (right hand advantage), but enemies can't hit you and you can hit them. Abuse stagger properties of powers against infantry and know how to take out the heavy armor.

It's just a bunch of little things that add up to make it a smoother experience.

User Info: Mr_Pipboy

5 years ago#15
I half miss those W/G/G matches. Sure every other lobby was one, but it gave me the confidence to try U/U/G.
In case you can't tell, I was being sarcastic.

User Info: turtle225

5 years ago#16
^ thats true. My first entry into gold was W/G/G and while I did end up hating eventually, it did help me acclimate into the gold atmosphere.

User Info: AlabamaLove

5 years ago#17
i've always hated WGG
the best way to get used to gold is to play against your favorite faction on unknown maps

for me that was U/C/G

User Info: turtle225

5 years ago#18
I hate the collectors PUGS usually don't go over well against them and I find myself trying to carry the last few waves quite often.

I like geth the best.

User Info: sheepman23

5 years ago#19
I switched over to Gold about a month ago. At first, it's very difficult, but if you learn the spawn points and utilize the abilities of all of your squadmates, you'll be much more comfortable with it.

Complete objectives EXTREMELY quickly. Even on Wave 3 the enemies can really force a lot of pressure on you, and by Waves 6 and 10 you simply don't want a never-ending stream of Phantoms and Banshees. Also, if you've on Wave 10 and it's a Target objective, do not be afraid to unleash a missile on the enemy unless it's something you can take down relatively easy.

Work with your teammates and never go off by yourself. While that may be OK on Bronze and Silver, trying to go solo is not recommended, as going down guarantees that no one will come to help you and you'll either have to consume a medi-gel or let something stomp on you. Additionally, staying with teammates will help you produce all sorts of explosions. Fire explosions can quickly ruin a group of incoming enemies.

You generally will need to just keep moving - as others have pointed out, camping is not an easy thing on Gold and you'll most likely get swarmed by enemies unless you're in a secluded area where they can easily be picked off (like the hallway in Firebase Hydra).

Also, always try to play against a faction that you feel most comfortable with (atleast at first). For me, it's Cerberus or Reapers.

User Info: Rafficus_III

5 years ago#20
My advice: learn to use quick covers, find a class you enjoy, stick with the pack, learn spawn points, and don't be afraid to use consumables.

Quick covers are like hiding behind a ledge or wall, without actually being in cover; you can easily hop to and from cover to fire of shots faster than you would if you were firing shots in coverage.

Find the class that you have that you enjoy and want to get better with. That way you learn all of its nooks and crannies so you're comfortable in any situation. Mine are primarily biotics, but everyones are different. The Krogan Vanguard you have is an easy class to pick up and learn; it's an effective tank and is good for beginners. Turian Soldier and the Batarians are good start out classes as well. If you need effective Gold build advice, ask. GFAQ's usually has good tips based on the class you want help with.

Stick with the pack so you can be healed. If you're halfway across the map, you may bleedout before I get to you. Also, use medi-gel if you see your team is swarmed and may not get to you. Consumables are nice, but run it by the group before you missile something.

As for the rest, by the looks of your manifest just keep plugging away. More playtime will get you better by experience along with a better loadout/inventory courtesy of Spectre packs. If you need help or want to run a match sometime, just ask.
GT: BigRaff87
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