Just finished Omega (spoilers)

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User Info: LordTrinen

4 years ago#1
I enjoyed it. It was nice and lengthy, had excellent cutscenes and plenty of excitement. I've read complaints about how it doesn't add to the overall story. Perhaps not but I've found Aria to be a very interesting character and enjoyed seeing her character develop and expand. Petrovsky could have used a bit more development but I guess Bioware hoped people read the comics and were familiar with his character already.

I played as a Paragon my first time through. I've read, and kind of figured, that being a Paragon or Renegade would have some influence on Aria during this mission. I liked how near the end she started to show some, for lack of a better word, humanity under her cold, ruthless exterior. And I was sad to see Nyreen die. Wonder what would have happened between those two had she survived? And the cameo appearances by Harrot and the Mad Prophet were amusing too.

The new enemies added some much needed variety and challenge to combat. I was getting tired of facing the same Cerberus troops over and over again. I always found it stupid how we battled so many combat mechs during ME2 but then they all vanished during ME3. Adjutants with their biotic barriers and armor were tricky too. Kind of wish they expanded on them though. When I saw that video log about the Cerberus experiments I got the impression that Cerberus was trying to create "sleeper-Adjutants", ordinary people that Cerberus could turn into full blown Adjutants at any time. I half expected during the final battle that Petrovsky would push a button and a bunch of civilians would suddenly turn into Adjutants and attack. Guess I was wrong.

The DLC also provided good War Asset numbers. With the Omega Eezo Hoard (300), Omega Raiding Fleet (75) and General Oleg Petrovsky (30) I got 405 points added to my Total Military Strength. I'll see in later playthroughs if there are ways to increase/decrease these numbers or get additional assets. And something else I've noticed. With the addition of this DLC there may be enough experience points in the game now to reach level 60 without a New Game+.

It's a little pricey but still a good buy. Wait until it goes on sale if you must but I still recommend this DLC.

User Info: Kakkay

4 years ago#2
Nice review. I agree 100%.
Warning: The above post may contain sarcasm.
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User Info: XenoSuikoden

4 years ago#3

Very good review here. Nothing to disagree with here. I played more as a Renegade. I will do a Paragon playthrough with my FemShep. Going the Renegade path Aria didn't show much/if any humanity.
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