who is your favourite character and how fat are you ?

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  3. who is your favourite character and how fat are you ?

User Info: Wii0player

4 years ago#11
5'10, 160

Everybody except Jacob
"In Mass Effect 3, the path to victory is less clear at the outset. You wont just find some long-lost Reaper off button."-Casey ******* Hudson.

User Info: Crono exe

Crono exe
4 years ago#12
Shepard or Miranda.
I'm 1.80 mts and around 190 lbs. Fit.
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User Info: Malzel

4 years ago#13

4"11' 470 lbs
It is only human to commit a sin...

User Info: Grayfoxr6

4 years ago#14
ME 1: Wrex
ME 2: Mordin
ME 3: Garrus

6'2" 225 lbs. my wifes cooking has exponentially expanded my waistline.
XBL and PSN: Feralchicken01
You know why they call it PMS??? because "mad cow disease" was already taken.

User Info: Arcbound_Wolf

4 years ago#15

227,08 lb
Don't try to fix me, I'm not broken.

User Info: fennell92

4 years ago#16

5 foot 6

Been a few months since I weighed myself, but I'm probably around 140 pounds.

User Info: Trigger_Monkey

4 years ago#17
Garrus, and I'm 180.
Naughty Bear for Playstation Allstars.

User Info: mixedlion

4 years ago#18
5'7/140, thin build

ME1- Wrex/Kaidan (don't like any of the female party members)
ME2- Jacob (male), Samara/Jack (female)
ME3- James/Cortez (male), EDI/Traynor (female)

Favorite romance: Cortez (m/m), Kaidan (f/m), Jack (m/f), Liara (f/f)
Favorite non-romance: Wrex, Samara, Kasumi
Vixen, Black Canary, Star Sapphire, Circe, Steel and The Huntress for Injustice: Gods Among Us
Poison Ivy for Injustice: Gods Among Us DLC

User Info: xionnoix

4 years ago#19
me1 - wrex, me2 - thane, me3 - garrus

5'10". 235lbs. i like to cook and eat.

User Info: AllDay524

4 years ago#20
155 pounds 5'9. Track runner and dabble a bit in MMA.

ME1 Liara
ME2 Miranda
ME3 Liara.
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