Bummer. *Omega DLC spoiler*

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User Info: exodiark

4 years ago#1
So many scenes that tease you that you might be able to kill Aria (yes!), but no, I have to suffer her mary-sue-ish strength and mob boss act.

I mean, really? Aria have just fought numerous battle, but she's not even tired at the least:
> Breaking open supposedly unbreakable some force field.
> Blowing humongous fan.
> Receiving sudden power up when Nyreen pointlessly sacrifice herself. I mean, why would she even do that? She saw Shepard and Aria entered the area and the civilians have steered clear.
> Receiving even MORE plot power up after being trapped and drained. She's supposed to be dead tired by this time. Angry yes, but last time I check anger can't give you superhuman strength ):

It's nice to see another side of Omega and it's quite challenging, but plot is kinda messed up and I'm not sure if it's worth $15. Anybody feel the same?

User Info: yo1_016

4 years ago#2
I missed the side mission for finding the part for the Batarian, so I gotta got through it again (last achievement I need for maxed achievements), it wasn't a bad content, but for $15, might be a bit much. Didn't seem very lengthy and only had 3 achievements, with not much carrying over to main game except War Assets, was hoping Nyreen would be a perma-Squadie.
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User Info: invidoverlord

4 years ago#3
Remember people spoilers has been called so no tags are used.

aria has always been a BA, she hasn't been the queen for as long as she has by being weak. She was all battle mentality this time since she knew what she had to do, in the comics she was betrayed ambushed and just overwhelmed(not in that order). here she had shepard and that means an entire 6 army's in 1 guy.

and everyone who sees their former lover die right in front of their eyes always get a power boost.

I actually really liked this DLC.... but for 15 dollars i would have expected a perma teammate or another romance......at least if you go renegade aria kisses.
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  3. Bummer. *Omega DLC spoiler*

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