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User Info: whatnow12012

5 years ago#1
I am DLCing Omega as well as the new Armor Pack.

I know Omega is 1.99 GBs and is 1200 MS Points

Is the new Armor Pack 160 or is it 120 or 80 MS Points, currently on my 360 I have 600+ MS Points but I am using some of those for WWE 13.

Also I hear EDI Has one, Garrus & Liara this would be Liara's 3rd Suit.

What is new & Diffrent about these, also is Shepards deal like a Suit such as Collector, Inferno, or Ceberus I am Doing these when I go to my Uncles.

So both DLCs altogether along with my WWE 13 where I have to DLC Ryback and Too Cool and Gangrel.

So I will be busy with ME 3 & WWE 13 awesome cant wait.

Info on these deals would be appreciated.

User Info: gs_master_i_am

5 years ago#2

User Info: jpraelster

5 years ago#3
Why you didnt get the season pass for wwe 13 is beyond me

User Info: whatnow12012

5 years ago#4
WWE 13 is like how I do ME 3 DLC I pick out what I want instead of everything such as with ME 3 I dont do MP so I dont DLC MP DLC.

With WWE 13 I dont like the belts + it doesnt have the NXT Championship.

So I just DLC the Wrestler Packs for 80 points instead of the whole deal for 19.99 which is 10x better also the Move Pack dosent hit until Jan which I am also DLCing.

So for now it is Omega, Armors, and the Wrestler packs on 13 I also think I have another Weapons pack to also DLC on ME 3 also.

For some reason on my N7 Version I didnt get my N7 Defender suit I did get the N7 Weapons, the Hoodie and other deals but no I didnt get the N7 Defender Suit.

Also when I beat Levithan I dont see the new Cabin Item, I know when you Beat Omega you get his chess board.

What is the item you get when you beat Levi this way I can double check my Cabin.

User Info: FearOfTheLight

5 years ago#5
Leviathan DLC's cabin item: the Husk Head Experiment. Obtainable when talking to James.
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User Info: PhilOnDez

5 years ago#6
It's a full set of armor, all or nothing, just like the other full ones. The helmet reminds me a lot of the default helmet and the armor itself looks nice. It doesn't remind me of any Cerberus unit in particular, but it does have a decal.

Garrus's new suit looks awesome, EDI gets a new style of visor, I didn't really pay attention to the rest of her appearance. I didn't really look that hard at the visor either, but it's definitely not her standard one. Liara's (that's who got the last one right?) didn't stand out at all, but I've never had her in my squad of my own choice except during the Benezia fight in the first one.
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User Info: whatnow12012

5 years ago#7
Thanks for the heads-up I am probably going to replay these DLC once again later on could be quite sometime until the next DLC piece which is rumored to have Mordin & Wrex.

If that os the case then it would tie into the main story line of ME 3 and wouldnt be What If DLCs such as Omega or Levi.

I am good at figuring out the time tables on stuff such as DLCs, usually with DLCs it is a 6 month time table.

By my caculations the next DLC will be Summer Time June 2013 which makes it 6 Months.

User Info: Talon5967

5 years ago#8
For a female Shepard, the new armor looks like the armor the demolisher in MP wears. I suppose on a male Shepard it's what the demolisher would look like if she were male.

Garrus' armor looks like the turian version of Terminus armor. It includes a full helmet.

EDI's has a different shaped visor, and the arms and legs sort of look like she's wearing actual armor. Though the rest is as... form-fitting... as all the others

Liara's is basically a black version of her default outfit, except that it's sleeveless, with the gloves going halfway up her upper arm. The first time I had her in the squad wearing it, I was trying to figure out why the shoulders of her outfit looked the way it did, until I realized it was bare skin.
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User Info: Darkslayne

5 years ago#9
She's also wearing buckled boots. Her outfit reminded me more of Aria's outfit than regular combat armor.

Not that I mind, I rather like it. Wish they'd wear the armor outside of missions too :/
PSN / Xbox: Darkslayne
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