What did you get for Operation Detonator

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User Info: Safer_777

4 years ago#61
Valkyrie 3.Wanted a Hurricane 4.
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User Info: MegaBeast07

4 years ago#62
zodiaccurse12 posted...
MegaBeast07 posted...
Hurricane X

Congratulations maybe I'll finally get 1 since you and Chicago Ted were hogging them all lol kidding congratulations. Haven't seen a Hurricane X in a match before but I guess it's awesome.

Its my 1st UR/N7 at 10 atm. Although my BWidow is at 8or 9 iirc.

Wish i could get my Talon and Harrier to 10.
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User Info: xionnoix

4 years ago#63
MegaBeast07 posted...
Hurricane X

same here.

User Info: Spider5800

4 years ago#64
Crusader VII. Is there a class this thing works well on? Feels like I'm just using a Black Widow with no zoom and crazy kick.
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User Info: NS_RegentPark

4 years ago#65
Should we pay attention to these stats? e.g. this week more people got Valkyries, last week people got Eagles...hmm
I'm pretty sure the Crucible was supposed to harness the dark energy of Haestrom to destroy the Reapers
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