Can we all agree that mass effect 3 was not that great of a game?

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  3. Can we all agree that mass effect 3 was not that great of a game?

User Info: Murphiroth

5 years ago#51
Nope. Despite the ending, the remaining 99% of the game was great. And they even managed to craft a really fun multiplayer mode on top of that. Heck, the ending isn't even as bad as the internet made it out to be.
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User Info: LesserAngel

5 years ago#52
The whole game just feels sub-par:

No exploration whatsoever, all the ME2 characters were pretty much abandoned, tacked on characters, an over-abundance of fetch quests, those PAINFUL dream sequences, and the game's universe just felt empty.

Yeah, I probably would've accepted some of these problems if the ending was better, I admit it, but it's a little beside the point.

I Guess the combat was decent, so long as the A button did what you wanted it to.

The MP is OK, but there's MUCH better multiplayer experiences out there, so there's no real point to playing it.

So ME3 was an OK game, but nothing compared to ME2 and other games.

User Info: MagiKor

5 years ago#53
The multiplayer is one of the few that I've actually invested a lot of time into. I never do multiplayer in games, but this one, with a small crew of my friends was really enjoyable.

As for the single player, nope, I loved it. This was by far, my favorite series this gen, and despite any nitpicking I might have about the ending, I was more than satisfied.

People that complain about the "lack of choice/consequences" seem to be missing something. If they'd gone as far with choice as they COULD have gone (and the direction that people seem to want them to have gone), THEN the game would have been crippled. Unless you imported all the way back to the first game, then you're missing a ton of content. Even if they HAD imported, some choices would also rob you of seeing a lot.

Killed the Rachni queen in the first game? That's a whole mission (that is the only notable appearance of Grunt) that's gone in this one. Wiped out all the heretic Geth in the second game? Is there even a war then in the third? Got your whole crew killed in the second game? None of their missions show up then in the third game

I think all things considered, Bioware did pretty good.
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User Info: nedrith

5 years ago#54
Part of playing a RPG where choices reflect what you see is not being able to see everything or playing it 10-20 times to see everything, which if the game is fun it will be worth it to beat it that many times, or saving at certain areas and keeping old copies of saves so you don't have to play that many times.

More choices isn't a bad thing, what is a bad thing is when you take a game like ME1 which has a ton of exploration and a very, very strong story then go to ME2 which has a much weaker story(still pretty good though), a lot of exploration and very strong characters and then go to ME3 which has rather weak characters, a rather weak story, almost no exploration to speak of and a really crappy ending.

Personally that is why I hate ME3.

User Info: CyhortI82

5 years ago#55
Degalon posted...

The downer ending just meant every time I look at the first two games, I just go "What for? Theres no point, none of it matters in the end."

I'm sorta like this, except that with the EC Shepard does live in one of the endings so I pretty much have to pick that one every time. If they didn't have that, I'd hate it. Downer endings should NEVER happen in games, but especially in RPG's.
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User Info: Zrodeath

5 years ago#56
I still loved the entire series
the ending just reminded me of some anime endings so im used to it and wasnt even mad at the endings

so i dont agree with you

User Info: OEIO999

5 years ago#57
LilyxLightning posted...
Fo_Fai posted...
Honestly, games like Alpha Protocol may not be as polished or have that AAA status along with beautiful gameplay like Mass Effect; but AP did one thing right which Bioware seems to have forgotten: choice. Or at least, choice with impact. The first 20 minutes of Alpha Protocol has more diverging paths than the entirety or Mass Effect 3. Okay, that's probably hyperbole but whatever.

Is "hyperbole" the new word for "painfully obvious lie"?

In response to the original topic: no. Sorry, but the world does not revolve around you and your opinion. Your displeasure over a company making a game which was not exactly what you wanted does not mean that the world should obsess over bashing the game.

Something tells me that far fewer people who whine about the game as a whole would do so if it had ended exactly the way they wanted it to. But hey, if they're going to lie about the ending, why be honest about the rest of the game?


User Info: Stravacca

5 years ago#58
Nah it was really good, better than that confusing wreckage of ME2.

Except the ending, of course.
Also the MP part worked as far as I can tell.

ME1 is still the best. Cya.
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User Info: Kingmichael1337

5 years ago#59
i'll agree if we also agree that ME2 and ME1 weren't that great either.

if ME3 hadn't ended so horribly, there would be no end to the praise, considering what ME2 got away with. 95% of ME2 is only tangentially related to the plot; the game is basically made out of sidequests. that's cool for an elder scrolls game, but ME2 isn't a super immersive open world game where you can roam and do what you want; it's a series of segregated shooting galleries and you only get to choose the order you go through all of them. plus, ME2's shooter mechanics were weak even at the time the game was released; you couldn't even roll, which kinda makes me wonder how the game got more praise than even gears of war 2, which had super slick combat. is it the decisions? probably not, because all your choices from ME1 pretty much only determine what email you get, LOL

the only thing good about the story in ME1 was that ME2 and the ending of ME3 hadn't ruined it yet. the combat was weak, the so-called "rpg elements" weren't that much more present than in ME2 or ME3, the game technically has half as many lines of dialogue as ME3 despite all the butt-hurt ME3 generated over "auto-dialogue," etc.

the thing that kept me going through the ME games was the potential the series had. if ME3 disappointed me, aside from the ending, it was because it wasn't as much better than ME2 as it could have been, not because it was worse.
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User Info: retep_one

5 years ago#60
game was amazing. maybe the endings and the fetch quests did disappoint, but overall the game and storytelling (besides the ending) were epic
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  3. Can we all agree that mass effect 3 was not that great of a game?

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