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User Info: Grayfoxr6

4 years ago#21
zhoban posted...
The only reason I wouldn't mind the Volus not using Shield Boost is if its recharge speed isn't that great. As for the Krogan, I usually take down Phantoms that way. Well okay, if I'm the Kroguard. I Biotic Charge, melee then shoot at it. Unless it still has barriers left after the BC and then I will shoot and melee it.

This. i usually hit them with an acolyte first to drop the barriers, then ill charge in and give em a krogan hug.
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User Info: NS_RegentPark

4 years ago#22
XgArrancar posted...
Mr_Pipboy posted...
WatermelonFarts posted...
Mr_Pipboy posted...
Shield boost just holds back a Volus' true potential. Its a terrible power.

not sure if serious

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User Info: deathscythe257

4 years ago#23
krogan meleeing a phantom? I do that all the time...

Granted, I am using a battlemaster spec'd for it, plus rage...
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User Info: gobuffalo30

4 years ago#24
Lots of people who play silver need to play bronze so it seems like a trickle down effect. I have no plans to go to gold until I have weapons on decent levels. However, I constantly see low N7 players with common/uncommon weapons still in their I - IV stages, without gear.

User Info: Bhellium

4 years ago#25
BitterBear posted...
Volus Engineer rarely has a cooldown to spare for Shield Boost..

Sorry, but what? I have plenty of Boost time. Recon isn't really meant to be spammed, you should detonating strategically and leaning on Proxy in the meantime.
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User Info: ShadowAngemon

4 years ago#26
I melee Phantoms playing my Kroguard cause I run as much melee damage as my powers and weapon mods and gear allows with as much cooldown as I can manage. A Disciple with an Omniblade means I'm not there to be a gunslinger.

Of course, all the buffs from rage and heavy melee kills and biotic charges means I'll usually just stagger a Phantom with charge and then kill her with the heavy melee. It goes great until the game just decides to ignore whatever I'm doing and synch kill me.
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