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User Info: BitterBear

4 years ago#11
Hurricane, followed by Typhoon, Piranha, then the rest are about even.

User Info: CoconutMay

4 years ago#12
Voted Hurricane, but my favorite is the Crusader (Haven't tried the Valkyrie out yet, I just got it). Just the feel of the gun firing and the reloading of the gun, just makes me feel like I'm holding something powerful
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User Info: PhilOnDez

4 years ago#13
Crunchyz posted...
The Best (IMO) and my personal favorite is the Valiant. It's everything I want in a sniper rifle; power, reload speed, stability, spare clip capacity.

Though I'm also fond of the Typhoon on a Destroyer. It's fun watching boss health disintegrate.
Personally, the Hurricane is overrated. Half of the praise for it is mostly just bandwagoning, when the reality is it suffers the same problem as the Harrier. It eats through its ammo lightning fast. And it's less favorable towards casters because you can't have both ULM and recoil dampener on the gun at the same time.

I use the hurricane with the HV barrel and the heatsink, that basically doubles your ammo capacity, not to mention it carries 8 clips at level 1(though the promo weapons I have leveled up don't seem to have increased their spare capacity, but the harrier has only been gaining 2 spare ammo per level).

Firing continuously, which I've never done in a game, the harrier burns through its ammo with the extended mag in 17 seconds (I'm sure it's still less than 20 seconds at X). With the heatsink, the hurricane lasts 40 seconds. That works out to about half a wave of continuous firing, and I'm definitely not firing my gun half the time.

You also don't need either the recoil dampener or the ULM. On my casters, the hurricane, at level 1, so it still has plenty of room for improvement, puts them at +190%. The only time you should be fine aiming with the hurricane is from cover, it's accurate enough with hip fire to get the job done at even medium range, and even long range on the larger bosses like the atlas and praetorian.

It fires fast enough to stack ammo bonuses like nobody's business, each shot does plenty of damage on its own, it's light, carries a ton of ammo, and has a bit of a recoil problem that can be remedied in so many ways. It doesn't have any glaring weakness that just hurts it, I don't think there's any question that it's the best gun in the game. It's not so good that it immediately renders everything else obsolete which is what I think anyone complaining about it was expecting when they got it and were disappointed when it didn't turn out to be an automatic "I win!" equip.

That being said, my favorite is the Typhoon, which is a close second behind my overall favorite the Harrier.
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