How long was it before people started playing gold?

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User Info: Orange_Apples

4 years ago#1
My friend got the wiiu edition of the game and is having fun, but their top players have no interest in gold (they seem content with silver). I was wondering if it was the same here and it just takes time to move the community up to gold. I tried getting them into some wgg since they have old white and pre-retaliation rules (they can grab pyros) and I figured it would wet their appetite for some gold action but no dice.
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User Info: MurphysGhost

4 years ago#2
People were doing Gold in the demo on XBL...

But it can be fairly tough on a new player with crappy guns, so I guess give it a bit to pick up steam. But you're saying literally NOONE is playing Gold/Plat? That's kinda odd.
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User Info: Kingmichael1337

4 years ago#3
don't remember, but i did it in the pre-release mp demo at least once

they've probably made gold harder to account for the fact that most people on xbox live and psn have such powerful characters and weapons by now; wii u players might get screwed by that
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User Info: Orange_Apples

4 years ago#4
Yeah nobody on wiiu is playing gold. I know people were playing gold during the demo on the other consoles since there are vids of it on YouTube. So give it another week or so? My friend wants some of the stuff I got (and stuff he used to have (we used to play together on ps3 but his died and instead of getting a new ps3 he got a wiiu)). the waiting game is frustrating for him. Figured I'd find out how long until the community should feel ready to step up their game.

I played a few silver matches with them. They're okay by current standards. Really no different than some of the silver random lobbies I play with. Just sucks nobody's got anything like a krogan or a turian or a batarian. They all pretty much play common humans. I think they've even got the old tech combo rules which really sucks.

Also for some reason they have the run/take cover/interact button and the melee button switched. After a few hours I got used to it but was happy to get back to having the buttons in the right spots.
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User Info: PoopMasterGoetz

4 years ago#5
Gold was like five times easier at launch than it is now. People have been playing it since the beginning.
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User Info: kungfuj0

4 years ago#6
My first ever gold match came when I had just promoted a character and just made a new level 1 guy. I searched for a bronze match and got put into wave 2 of a gold match!

My first thought: "Where in the **** are all these atlases coming from!"

We didn't make it...

Seriously though, i'd say try gold when you feel like you are comfortable on silver. Think of it like this.... Bronze is crawling, silver is walking, and gold is running while people are shooting at you! When you're ready to run while being shot at, play some gold!

Just make sure you come in prepared. If its your first match, use your best guy, your best guns, and your best gear, at least until you get a feel for it. Get good at the 'pure soldiering' aspects of things. By that I mean know when to take cover/leave cover. Know when/how to roll/slide/dodge, etc. Know how long to stay out of cover taking shots at things and when to duck back into cover. Also, know when to make a break for it because you WILL have to at some point!

If you're new, stay with your team. If/WHEN you go down, they can get to you quicker if you're near them. If a teammate goes down, DON'T just go rushing in to save him. Check out the scene first, and if you can get him safely, then do it, but if not, its better to have 1 guy down than 2.

Last tip which is an obvious one...bullets will kill you ALOT quicker on gold than on other difficulties. Get a feel for how much damage your guy can take so that you know when to take cover or get out of dodge.

Good luck playing gold. It's not THAT hard once you get the hang of it.
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Yeah, Gold's been buffed so much by this point since launch that it's going to be really, really difficult for anyone with even semi-decent starting gear to successfully attempt it. Even the top players will probably be aiming to get at least one uncommon or rare weapon that they frequently use to X as well as some equipment before trying it out in earnest.

I still remember back in the day when my unmodded Black Widow I on an SI with maximum damage output was capable of taking out an unshielded Geth Prime on Gold with 3-4 headshots while breaking from TC, those were good times.

User Info: Orange_Apples

4 years ago#8
kungfuj0 posted...

Oh, I regularly play gold, I just wasn't around when it started, so I have no idea when the community is ready to move up to it. When I started playing people already had gold figured out.

User Info: invidoverlord

4 years ago#9
as soon as i got the salarian engineer......seriously had a shurikan 2 and everyone loved me.......or should i say my decoy
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User Info: BitterBear

4 years ago#10
Out of curiosity, do you know how many people are playing ME3 MP on the WiiU, period? Because I imagine that number is very, very low, which probably contributes to the difficulty of finding a high-level game.
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