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User Info: whatnow12012

5 years ago#1
I been playing Omega doing pretty good so far but still stuck on certain parts of the mission.

1. Where is Aria's Couch Located I now it is someplace in the Talon's Base unknown where.

2. I hacked 77% of the Terminals but can not find the remainder of the Terminals.

I thought Omega was good solid piece and longer than Broker was this DLC took me about 4hrs to complete the DLC but than again I like to explore every nook & cranny on these new missions cause Omega is Huge with big places to explore.

3. I am an Egineer but I didnt come across that part where my Shepard does the deal I think with the Force Field or it could be in the mines I forgot which.

I am replaying my ME 3 from stratch playing as a Male Egineer Shep he will be Rengade and Romance Ash.

I really love the Flare Power although I really didnt care about Lash.

I suppose the next DLC the one with Mordin & Wrex will also have new powers & will probably be huge like Omega 1.79 to 1.99 In Size. But I say more MP deals will be out before the new mission also more weapons, and Alt.Pack 2.

Overall really liked Omega but would have been better if the General was a Boss Battle Shepard vs. Oleg in some cool fashion then have the option to side with the General or Go with Aria would have made the DLC more epic.

Those Adujants were the beast of the DLC especially when there Health is Powered in Purple making them more ruthless especially when in AfterLife.

The AI was vastly improved on Omega and more aggressive.

Still need help with my above questions though.

User Info: SageOfLife

5 years ago#2
You'll find the couch during the final assault. When you deal with the dam, you'll find a ladder leading down into an area that was previously filled with water. You'll find the couch in there.
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User Info: whatnow12012

5 years ago#3
Thanks for the heads up I cant belive I overlooked that when I went to that part. Must have over looked it by accident.

I loved this DLC to me it is the LOSTB of ME 3 but LOSTB still is one of the best but Omega is the longest DLC out of all of them took me almost 4 hrs this is coming from a seasoned ME Pro of the games.

But even I overlook something such as Aria's couch, I also missed 1 of the Terminals I know there is one where the Injured Talon is then they are 2 together so that makes 3 Terminals. But how many Terminals are they together, when I was done I had it up to 77% completed meaning I needed one more Terminal I overlooked.

Right now I am replaying ME 3 from stratch I will re-play Omega and do things diffrently such as new Dialogue choices I didnt pick from also using the Paragon/Renegade choices better. I felt like a douche when I went Rengade when I went to Overload the Reactor. But I assume you need to do this in oder to recieve Aria's Kiss.

Cool deal Aria calling Shepard her Partner and Aria being back on Purgatory seemed understandable considering Omega is being Rebuilt she needs contacts on the Citadel.

I hope for a future DLC were we can see a Finished Rebuilt Omega with AfterLife back in Full Form and Aria back on her throne.

But for now I wanna learn more on the Wrex/Mordin DLC is it going to be a Story Connector to ME 3 not a What If Story such as Levi & Omega.

But for now I am replaying all these DLCs in new ways.
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