any one not promote any of ur characters just to hhave them always level 20

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  3. any one not promote any of ur characters just to hhave them always level 20

User Info: GrayZStarr

4 years ago#11
Do the cool thing.

Promote as the new classes come out. Buy a few PSPs, they'll be at level 16-17, and you get a nice free amount of N7.

User Info: overkill_78

4 years ago#12
I promote constantly. I'll probably stop one day (I did for a bit around N7 3000) but I like grinding out for levels, I'm a sucker for pointless level ups. I'm also confident in my ability to contribute in a Gold match at level 1. Maybe not as much as a level 20 for sure, but I'll still be OK.
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User Info: perfect_general

4 years ago#13
I level up in bunches, usually after I've saved up a bunch of credits and want to splurge when a new character or weapons get released so when I get character cards, they don't go to waste.
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User Info: kungfuj0

4 years ago#14
I take it by spells promoting. For the most part, I don't promote that often, but during weekend challenges where promoting is needed, I'll do alot of it. Also, I tend to like nice, round numbers. My n7 is like 4200 even now. I went for and got the N7 banner for promoting, and my score was close to 4200, so I evened it out. It will probably stay that way until the next weekend where they ask us to promote comes.
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User Info: MalevolentFish

4 years ago#15
I've only ever promoted for four reasons:

1. N7 Mastery (which is done now).
2. Weekend Challenge with a promotion objective.
3. I have completely run out of reset cards and am having trouble getting more.
4. I want to reset two or more characters in the same class.

Outside of those reasons, I keep my characters at 20.
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User Info: Arandomthought

4 years ago#16
I'm currently waiting to get most uncommon weapons to 10, and some rares/ultra rares up there too just so that when I do promote, my guys aren't useless.
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User Info: gobuffalo30

4 years ago#17
I'm going to keep promoting until I have all the characters and then I'll only promote when I don't have the reset power option.

User Info: Inxentas

4 years ago#18
Promoting characters will eventually lead to the UNAVAILABILITY OF THE BAD ENDINGS. I know it's kind of an academic problem, but it can still happen if you just keep on promoting. So screw this endless play-promote-repeat cycle. Not that it matters, MP sucks anyway.
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User Info: Crimsonhead4

4 years ago#19
I hate leveling up characters from low levels so rarely promote. The only time I really ever do is when I want to change up a characters skills but don't have a reset powers card
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  3. any one not promote any of ur characters just to hhave them always level 20

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