List your 3 favorite kits to play

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User Info: sheepman23

4 years ago#51
In no particular order:

Human Adept
- Singularity (Radius, Recharge Speed)
- Warp (Detonate, Expose, Pierce)
- Shockwave (Radius, Detonate, Lift)
- Passive (Power, Power, Weight)
- Fitness

Ex-Cerb Adept
- Singularity (Radius)
- Smash (Biotic Combo, Force & Damage, Impact Radius)
- Lash (Detonate, Damage Over Time, Shield Penetration)
- Passive (Power, Power, Weight)
- Fitness (Health & Shields)

Volus Engineer
- Recon Mine (Radius, Damage, Invasive Scan)
- Proximity Mine (Radius, Damage Taken)
- Shield Boost (Radius, Recharge Speed, Protection)
- Passive (Power, Power, Weight)

User Info: J_Dawg007

4 years ago#52
Volus Engineer
Geth Soldier
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User Info: perfect_general

4 years ago#53
1. Quarian Male Infiltrator (my go-to class)


Arc grenade - rad/dam/shield dam
Tac Cloak - duration (I prefer the flexibility for longer cloak for my sniper builds, I do damage if I spec him as a shotgunner)
Tac Scan - power dam/headshot/dam
Passive - power dam/pwer dam/weight
Fitness - health

2.Batarian Brawler (my favorite vanguard class)


Charge - dam/weapon dam/barrier
Lash - detonate/recharge
Armor - health/damage/health
Passive - power dam/power dam
Fitness - health

3. Geth Engineer (favorite class for grinding the weapon challenges)


Turret - dam/restore/flame
Hunter - recharge/power dam/weap dam
Overload - chain/recharge/chain
Passive - power dam
Fitness - health
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User Info: UndoubledZim

4 years ago#54
Paladin 6/6/6/5/3

Fury 6/6/6/0/6

Phoenix lash/smash either one really
GT Undoubledzim

User Info: Carribean_Cool

4 years ago#55
No order

Human Engineer
Turian Sentinel
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User Info: Rogue Mutt

Rogue Mutt
4 years ago#56
Salarian Infiltrator 6/6/6/6/0

Krogan Vanguard 6/6/0/6/6 (No Carnage)

Vorcha Soldier 6/6/0/6/6 (No Carnage)

User Info: Caelestine

4 years ago#57
My current favorite and in order. Note that they are fun and may not be maximize for effectiveness :

Melee Shadow Ninja
6/3/6/6/5, duration and power for cloak. Max shadow strike. Flaming sword mastery for the flaming sword look. Armed with any shotty with the +50% melee mod. The melee damage is up there with Kroguard (probably more from cloak) and the up side is that the heavy melee have a very wide hitting arc and you can turn during the swing making it much easier to land than the Krogan charge. Her heavy melee always hit the head so it is perfect for those annoying abomination and possessed abomination (unless you have some very trigger happy teamates that is eage to "help" you).

And for extra style points and fun, you can cancel the electric slash with either light or heavy melee during the wind up animation which stuns the mob right infront of you with electricity. Too bad it does not set off tech explosion (or does it)?

Playing this gal in bronze or silver is kind of a guilty pleasure. Gold and above, you need to be more careful especially with so many one hit kill bosses around.

Death from Above Havoc.
Spec Havoc strike for radius in the last evolution. Armed with a pistol with the head shot mod. Stim up. Cryo strike mobs and then havoc strike to set off fire explosion. Head shot whatever is left behind if whatever is left behind is manageable or just jump jet away for another shot.

Grenadier Drellguard
Lightling fast, uber damage with grenades and with a grenade V equipment, it is load of fun sending "artillery" strike all over the map. eg. FB: Dagger main room. I actually put some points in Pull to get challenge points. Cluster grenade at a Pull mob and watch them fly like rag dolls. Too bad I don't have the skill to really make him work at gold without leaning on my teamates too much :(

User Info: Grayfoxr6

4 years ago#58
Geth Infiltrator (my gold runner) 5/6/6/6/3
Cloak: dmg and recharge
Proxy mine: radius, dmg done, dmg
Hunter Mode: Accuracy, dmg, speed & vision
Passive: wep dmg, power dmg, wep dmg
3 fitness
Claymore VI (my pirahna is only like a lvl IV)

Asari Valkyrie 6/6/6/4/4
Tech Armor: all dmg reduction and power dmg
AF: Radius, speed, drain
Warp: cant remember lol think its BE dmg, expose, armor barrier dmg?
passive: wep dmg
fitness: shields
Disciple IX and an acolyte VI

N7 Destroyer 6/6/3/6/5
Devastator Mode: Accuracy, ROF, wep dmg
HML: Shield Penalty, Refire, Hydra Missiles
3 in Frags
passive: wep dmg, headshot, wep dmg
fitness: shields, shiled regen
Particle Rifle VI and an Indra III with HB and thermal clip
XBL and PSN: Feralchicken01
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User Info: Earthshaker

4 years ago#59
For Gold:

Human Engineer
- Multi-bounce Overload, DoT AoE incinerate, Multi-shock suicide drone, BOMBS BOMBS BOMBS BOMBS
Krogan Vanguard
- (Pistol with melee attachment here for 200% CD)
Turian Havoc
- 3/6/6/6/5, shotgun, Shock Trooper upgrade.

For fun:
Batarian Brawler
- 5/6/6/3/6, Blade Armor specced for added melee damage, Charge for its multi-hit at the first split, Lash to pierce shields. Lash -> skate across map.
Volus Mercenary
- Despite being power based, I still carry a Reegar and shoot around like a great electrical wind. Power Efficiency gear necessary to offset the weight problems. Roll around decoys between waves :3 ...It also doesn't hurt he's like one of two Sentinels I actually enjoy playing.
Turian Soldier
- For when I feel like trying to re-validate the Incisor and hating myself. Or emptying the clip on a Geth Plasma SMG near-instantly.
[Bracketeer from 1/15/05 to 1/15/08.] {Cogito ergo sum... cogito.}
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User Info: Precious_Roy

4 years ago#60
Crono exe posted...
TC, if you're going to ignore charge on the ex-cerb vanguard, wouldn't it be better to use the ex-cerb Adept and ignore singularity? And just use charge on the other kit or at least ignore health and shields? I'm honestly just wondering.

While charge does allow him to set off his own BEs (as does lash smash or vice versa) I find that more often than not it leaves him too vulnerable afterward, especially if I skipped fitness to put points in charge. Lash and smash were made for each other and fit my play style far more than charge. I find other kits fit charge better and don't have the same unique potential as ex cerb.

As far as the adept, while I greatly enjoy his kit as well, singularity is just too good to pass up and takes away from the necessary fitness needed for effective lash smashing IMO. I use a 6/6/6/5/3 adept and he fall just short of my top 3. As does fury and human adept.
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