Why do so many noobs attemp gold?

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User Info: DuneMan

5 years ago#21
zegram33 posted...
i feel i should point out: score is not a perfect indicator of ability/contribution.
as a human engineer with overload+Drone specced for stunning, its entirely possible to get 40,000 overall on gold (not doing a whole lot of damage to enemies for assists) but be pretty indespensible
same applies to the volus character etc.

if they were going down evry 6 seconds thats another thing, but just as a general rule...

It's perfectly possible to score 100K+ with mostly assist points on Gold matches using a basic human Engineer. Slap on a Mattock and an Acolyte and you'll have +150% cooldown speed. From there you're free to chain Tech Bursts and Fire Explosions as you see fit. The Acolyte contributes its own stun as well against infantry.
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User Info: Inxentas

5 years ago#22
TC cares to much. I recommend getting a life.
For future reference: landing in active vulcanoes tends to fry our sensors and melt our hull.

User Info: dasboos

5 years ago#23
If they're anything like I was. I thought 'yeah I'm playing the game on insanity and all is well, gold is like hard right so should be easy'. Well you only make that error once.
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User Info: powa1982

5 years ago#24
That's why I quit the room when I see 3 players with less than 500 N7 rank. It's ridiculous how bad those players are. I've got 2 teammates yesterday camping at 1 spot in Gracier no matter what the objective is. Target elimination with a marauder being the target. They just stay at one spot, get overwhelm by more mobs, and not run out and kill the stupid marauder on the other side of the map.

Even then, I see people with 2k N7 sucks too, but chances of them being not noob is greater than someone with N7 100ish with avenger X
GT: powa1216

User Info: OEIO999

5 years ago#25
...but Collectors/Condors is pretty hard...

User Info: gobuffalo30

5 years ago#26
I have played less than a handful of gold matches.

Decided I'm tired of playing for pennies so I joined a FB Giant Geth match last night. Two destroyers, two vorcha (I was a vorcha). The destroyers camped at the top of the stairs, spamming their grenades. So I took control of the right flank at the bottom. Everyone went down constantly, I didn't go down once until wave 6 because I was just trying to get to the hack location. I don't know if it's a shame I was only using a collector AR II without any mods or gear that make it stronger (my gear was engineer IV, other vorcha had engineer V).

It was sad.

User Info: Xero_Macharius

5 years ago#27
whats sad is when you have to solo waves 8 9 10 with a lvl 2 char cause all the morons die 5 secs in and dont use gels

or when you out score 2 lvl 20 ghosts and a lvl 20 geth eng who are spamming chain OL with a lvl 10 asari adept
GT - Xero M XTC

User Info: Enemy_AC130

5 years ago#28
I wonder the same thing when I play with you Panda.
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