Each Pull after another stacks DoT.

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User Info: DreoreSilere

5 years ago#1
Well, does it? =D
I should go.

User Info: Crimsonhead4

5 years ago#2
It might but it doesn't really matter since it's only going to effect health only enemies which can be taken down rather fast regardless. I find the expose on pull to be more helpful since it boosts detonation damage and makes easy work of them with gunfire

User Info: gobuffalo30

5 years ago#3
I agree. I only use it to expose, pull guardian's shields, and to spam it if I'm getting in a big fight, which allows me to get small reprieve in the gunfire towards me.

User Info: code_kirin

5 years ago#4
Expose is silly. If you have Pull at rank 5, you probably have it maxed anyways and they're taking +75%, which will kill them regardless. Lift damage can indeed be handy for taking out infantry in groups, even if you don't detonate them.

User Info: herduliekmudkip

5 years ago#5
i like radius and lift damage so i can take out groups of troopers at a time by pulling them towards each other
Meet herduliekmudkip hater of all things powerful and easy to use. ~ donkeyofdestiny

User Info: deathscythe257

5 years ago#6
reave stacks with itself
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  3. Each Pull after another stacks DoT.

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