How can you people still support bioware

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User Info: ChronoAce

4 years ago#51
Hi2utoo posted...
GrayZStarr posted...
This is new and interesting.

Hate on EA plz. Bioware at least used to be cool.

Remember Kotor 1? Jade Empire? :|

LMFAO blame it on EA. That's a good one. Bioware is totally immune right? They totally did not sell out their company when they were valued very high right? Totally all EA right? Biodrones still refusing that the company they love so much betrayed them for $$.

Wonder what they will say when Bioware is completely absorbed in the next 5-10 years like most companys under EA's control.

User Info: itrainpokemon

4 years ago#52
The biggest difference between ME1 AND ME3

is mass effect 1 was a super climactic and amazing conclusion to a great INTERACTIVE movie

mass effect 3 had no great moments a terrible conclusion and it just felt like a bad movie. I the player felt like i had nothing to do with the game

it was just shepard, shepard became a character. Hes not the player anymore hes now a character with his own beliefs and personality.
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User Info: Chr0noid

4 years ago#53
Welp, I was coming in here expecting a long list of offenses and transgressions Bioware has committed the past year, and while the TC may have missed the target by a country mile, he's still 100% correct. Even if he didn't get it across in an articulate manner. Let's get this party started shall we?!

1. Bans people for nay saying on their own forums. This shows they can't take criticism and are forced to turn their own website into a "charmingly fascist" POS.

2. Instead of making KOTOR 3, they instead foolishly opt to do the exact OPPOSITE of what everyone was screaming for: an MMORPG. They end up destroying Revan as a character and pretty much s*** all over KOTOR 2.

3. Casey Hudson, Mac Walters, and Mike Gamble (what I like to call, the Trifecta of Evil) all lied/over exaggerated the facts concerning the ME 3 ending. To this day, not one of them has apologized or owned up to it.

4. Basically responded to the ending backlash in the following manner: What? You all didn't like us ripping off the ending to Deus Ex? WELL WHATEVER, THAT'S YOUR PROBLEM......*sigh*. FINE! We'll meet you halfway because the ending didn't suck at all. It's our artistic vision and WE HAVE INTEGRITY. THIS SERIES DOESN'T BELONG TO YOU, EVEN THOUGH WE CONTINUALLY ASK FOR INPUT DURING GAME DEVELOPMENT, WRRRRYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

5. Has not once admitted that the ending was even remotely a mistake. And yes this does deserve its own number because it's one thing to **** up in the first place. It's another thing entirely to not accept it. BIG FOUL RIGHT THERE.

6. Actually trolled every one who disliked the ending by putting in a fourth REJECTION option in the EC. So....not only has Bioware made a HUGE mistake, but they also refused to admit they made a mistake and petulantly rubbed their noses at those who called them out on it.

7. Javik DLC. 'nuff said.

8. Dumbed down Mass Effect 3 overall. Too much auto dialogue, highly questionable decisions regarding romance options from ME 2, pretty much destroyed exploration and turned all the stuff which used to be optional in ME 1 and 2 into BORING FETCH QUESTS. Oh, and they're also REQUIRED in order to max out War Assets. (this author personally uses gibbed's editor to bypass all the bullcrap. ****THE POLICE).

And there you have it folks. I just gave you 8 reasons why you shouldn't be supporting Bioware any longer.
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User Info: PKMNsony

4 years ago#54
Sure, the ending sucked and I wanted more than what we got, but the rest of the game was very good and very solid.

User Info: Dentalflossbush

4 years ago#55
What do you mean by "you people"?

User Info: thisranks

4 years ago#56
@Fo-Fai: I don't care that some people didn't like the ending. I happen to agree that it's Bioware's game and they should end it the way they want.

Here's the problem with ending a game the way you want it ended. Other people might not like it. Too bad for them? Funny how you see it that way only when it affects you.

Because this isn't about the game ... it's about how you viewed it and having a place to complain when it isn't what you want. In other words, it's all about you ... and we know misery loves company.

It's really sad these people don't have the balls to get out there and show Bioware how it's done. I'd find it quite hilarious to see some of these people on the other side of the business model dealing with people just like themselves. What's worse is these people have been becoming more commonplace as the years go by. It's really like people have forgotten what gaming is really about.
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User Info: md22mdrx

4 years ago#57
Am I the only one who didn't mind the ending?

If you're playing your character CORRECTLY and making your decisions based on the ethics you see Shep as having (as if it were a tabletop rpg aka D&D) ... then the choice at the end was obvious for your path and had a rewarding ending. The people who were complaining seemed to be what tabletop gamers would call "Metagamers" and is a derogatory term.

User Info: Bhellium

4 years ago#58
Dentalflossbush posted...
What do you mean by "you people"?

you racist humans
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User Info: ozzyman314

4 years ago#59
Sad thing is that no matter what Bioware did, people would still be raging about the ending.

To be frank, that's what makes it so damn good.
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User Info: pcmike2

4 years ago#60
It's really sad, before the game came out, the board was filled with sp discussion, now it's all about multiplayer. Nothing wrong with that, but imo, the multiplayer to me is addicting at best, not really fun. Single player is where masse effect is really at, but they dropped the ball on it as shown by the main game and omega dlc.
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