How can you people still support bioware

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User Info: pcmike2

4 years ago#71
Shadowangemon posted...
I remember something being said about, if we don't like the game, we don't have to spend our money on it. Well, I for one preordered it on good faith that what was being advertised was true. It wasn't. I regretted my hasty purchase of the finale of my favorite series.

You want to defend artistic integrity? Try commisioning a painting of yourself, paid in full, and the artist decides to paint himself instead. Maybe it's a wonderful painting, maybe not. The point is, that's a terrible business model.

There was ONE GUY who had the balls of steel to ask bioware at PAX east something like "If it's artistic integrity, shouldn't the work be help up against ALL criticisms and not just "constructive criticisms?"

Mike gamble didn't know how to answer the question so he said a load of fluff
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User Info: alaindc

4 years ago#72
GrayZStarr posted...
Bioware at least used to be cool.

Remember Kotor 1? Jade Empire? :|

used to be, you said it.
Jade Empire was fantastic.
Mass effect got worse with each release, more casual. (EA effect)
then, they insult the fans with the worst ending in gaming history.

For me, The Mass Effect franchise is gone for good.
Bioware have sold their soul to EA, i won't do the same.

User Info: vanguard29

4 years ago#73
chill 02 posted...
Because I like the game.

not only that but i liked the ending :P
"Even If the morrow is barren of promises / Nothing shall forestall my return"

User Info: The_Undying_84

4 years ago#74
MedicFromHell posted...
I got what I paid for in just the single player.

Actually ME3 is one game where I can objectively say I did not get what I paid for, as they clearly stated the game would have a diverse variety of endings, not 3 which are basically palette swaps of each other.
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User Info: JessofBlades

4 years ago#75
From: hyjinx17 | #069
Mass Effect 3 was a great game, without that ending. It was a poor choice, but it's been, what, 9 months now? Let it go.

If anyone should stop supporting Bioware it should be over SWTOR. Again, a poor choice, but hey what can yah do.

Tortanic is better than this at least so far in the stories i'm playing, which is bad >_>
still see why it flopped though, the best thing is i'm not supporting them cause it's free ^_^ But yeah, this , that, and DA2 are enough to keep me from buy anything anymore, at least not new

User Info: apoc20

4 years ago#76
Why do you care?
"If you can't get rid of the skeleton in your closet, you'd best teach it to dance."
- George Bernard Shaw

User Info: ChronoAce

4 years ago#77
DA2, SWTOR, ME3. I don't get how anyone can think Bioware is anything special anymore. They are no different from any other developer out there.

User Info: ShadowAngemon

4 years ago#78
ChronoAce posted...
DA2, SWTOR, ME3. I don't get how anyone can think Bioware is anything special anymore. They are no different from any other developer out there.

Well, they're a little different. They've proven they can produce some really amazing things that not many other companies have matched. Unfortunately, they've also shown us that they can't be relied on to do it.

But at least we still have Valve, and Bethesda to an extent (for example, Skyrim was massively flawed at release, and yet the number of glitches was still impressive in a game of that scope).
"Anything worth fighting for is worth fighting dirty for!"

User Info: zerorush113087

4 years ago#79
Lmao is OP serious? I paid 60-70 bucks plus for NES and SNES games back in the day that were an hour long if I was lucky. $15 for 3 hour long DLC is fine by me =P

Edit: I should correct that. My parents paid 60-70 bucks for NES and SNES games, haha.

User Info: JessofBlades

4 years ago#80
but now you certainly don't have to do so, I paid $15 for 2 30+ hour games... together just a week ago @_@
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