Why do people keep bashing this game?

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User Info: DZ0D2

5 years ago#1
Ending aside, this game was incredible. The only thing I played for 2 weeks when I got it for my birthday. I don't understand people's problem is with the game play, it's almost the same as Mass Effect 2, which people enjoyed. So, tell me, (and let's try not to make this into a total troll topic), why do you think people still bash the game?
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User Info: Mr_Pipboy

5 years ago#2
because at the heart of it all, people suck.
In case you can't tell, I was being sarcastic.
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User Info: fennell92

5 years ago#3
The same reason married adults will bash their high school ex's.

User Info: Charmile

5 years ago#4
What else am I going to use to test out my hammers?
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User Info: Havoc49J

5 years ago#5
I can't speak for everyone but the despite playing ME 1 & 2 religiously I have never made it more than 4 hours into ME3 single player before I got bored to tears and went back to MP. Despite having an almost maxed manifest I haven't even come close to beating this game. Not sure why I dislike this one so much, I just do.
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User Info: ShadowAngemon

5 years ago#6
I guess it didn't live up to the hype. Which happens, but in this case the hype and promises were fairly reasonable.
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User Info: ZERO2936

5 years ago#7
The ending wasn't the only flaw of this game.
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User Info: Dracovian

5 years ago#8
The ending is the main reason because it tainted the other two games along with 3 itself. If you played through the games would you ever have found it acceptable to imagine the series would end with a single ending and so poorly executed at that?

Not only that but the developers went all out hyping how there would be multiple vastly different endings. Tali's face fiasco. Shepard never gets to be with his LI after the BS he went through regardless of any previously made decision.

And the first impression will always be the most lasting. Regardless of the EC retconning most of the plot holes fans pointed out everyone will always remember the first incoherent mess we got when we were hyped the most. By the time EC came out nobody cared and to top it off the EC was still the same BS ending.

I find it funny how they keep pumping out DLC when every single one will be pointless. WTF does it matter if I get Omega back when you consider what's coming. Nothing they release matter because you get screwed in the end. The ONLY thing they can do is finally make a proper ending by making a DLC that takes place after the end and reuniting you with the crew and LI and make that DLC branch out depending on choices. But they won't. It would be too good for the fans for them to do it.
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User Info: ShadowAngemon

5 years ago#9
You know what I'd buy? A large DLC that pick up somewhere in the beginning or middle of the game and just... goes somewhere else with it at the exclusion of the standard plot. I mean, I'd pay good money for a nice 10-20 hour alternate campaign with more than one outcome based on my choices.
"Anything worth fighting for is worth fighting dirty for!"

User Info: rockyoumonkeys

5 years ago#10
The ending was bad enough that it kind of ruined the whole game for me. I played ME2 like three times during the first year it was out. I have no desire whatsoever to replay ME3, or even the first two games for that matter. Haven't touched any of the DLC.

Originally, I was one of the ones defending Bioware, because I was so certain the game's ending wasn't "the real ending" and that we'd get DLC that would completely change it.

Once that stupid "extended cut" nonsense happened, I lost all hope and now I've pretty much washed my hands of the series.

What's tragic is that up until the ending happened, ME3 was a phenomenal game. But like I said, the ending was that bad.
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