I know this would be asking too much, but....(ending spoilers)

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User Info: Sionnach_Oghma

5 years ago#1
With all the new war assets picked up in the DLC, on my current replay I haven't even gotten to the fight on the Citadel yet, and my total rating is coming up on 5,000.

It would be nice if Bioware had considered the extra allies and assets and dropped an extra ending into the Extended Cut, where Shep telling Starkid to get bent can actually lead to victory.

I know it's a helluva fight, but with if you've done things right, gathered all the allies you can get - now including a high-ranking Cerberus prisoner/defector, the extra ships and fighters from Aria, and freakin' Leviathan, it's clearly not the doomed cause it was before. At the very least, we've got a shot.

Hell, folks could even get totally wreck less and start dropping yahg into lost territories. Harbinger wants Thessia? Let him have it, along with a charming housewarming gift.

I never really had a problem with the original endings, but the possibilities really are endless. One more ending where a high enough readiness and the allies you've gathered can turn things around? I wonder if Bioware even considered it.

User Info: Rafficus_III

5 years ago#2
I'd agree, I wanted the allies to be more visible in the end outside of the farewell speech. It would have been nice to see them engaged in the battle like DA2, or the more desired approach akin to DA: Origins and let you control their militaries in-game for backup.

My total assets are close to 18,000, so generally I'm a little meh with Bioware when I stare at that number and wonder why I should listen to the Catalyst when I have 6x the required amount for the best ending.
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User Info: LilyxLightning

5 years ago#3
Even if the forces over Earth could take on the Reapers and squeeze a victory, there's still more Reapers and Reaper forces throughout the galaxy. There's also the in-story issue of how the Crucible's failure to activate would be a crushing blow to the morale of the united fleets and the out-of-story issue that not all people get the DLC or play multiplayer.
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User Info: dasboos

5 years ago#4
Even with all the readiness in the galaxy the reapers are still to numerous, dedicated and above all have massively advanced technologies. I couldn't believe the reapers didn't know about the crucible and just turn up and slag the thing before its ready to fire but once its used enough resources to prohibit a second try.
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User Info: SnuffSevenfoldX

5 years ago#5
The PC mod that allows you to win conventionally...is a nice idea...but there's no way in hell we should win conventionally. As screwed as the continuity/story got at times (and Starchild etc) at least the Reapers pretty much always stayed level in terms of power.

User Info: meltor13

5 years ago#6
SnuffSevenfoldX posted...
The PC mod that allows you to win conventionally...is a nice idea...but there's no way in hell we should win conventionally. As screwed as the continuity/story got at times (and Starchild etc) at least the Reapers pretty much always stayed level in terms of power.

This. Winning a conventional war with the Reapers would've been the ultimate cop-out, for me. You don't create a villain like the Reapers just to have them beaten by the proverbial sticks-and-stones.
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User Info: Sionnach_Oghma

5 years ago#7
Bear in mind that the sticks and stones include Leviathan, who I doubt have been sitting around scratching their tentacles since the cycle began. At the very least, they've been watching, and can bring the knowledge of countless cycles to the table, most of which would have had at least one or two minor successes against the Reapers.

We've seen a reaper taken out by a thresher maw, of all things. Yeah, it was the so-called mother of 'em all (on one planet), but raise your hand if you liked battling threshers on foot in ME1.

Cerberus found the ancient weapon that took out the reaper they were studying - it was busted, but surely the Illusive Man would have wanted his people to attempt recreating it. Maybe instead of talking him into offing himself you could turn him back. There's also his home base, which he didn't bother scrubbing when he left. Anything he knew you could most likely learn from that place.

Earth would be lost for a near certainty, but if enough of the allied forces escaped and the war was drawn out (as it was for the generations it took for them to take the Protheans, and likely many before them), there's a chance, though a very slight one, that the hundreds of thousands, or was it millions, of years worth of knowledge of past cycles to practical use.

As for those who don't usually go for dlc or multiplayer, that's why it would be the toughest ending to get. The Crucible failure would be a blow, and losing the war the most likely outcome, but for those who've cultivated the right allies over three games and the dlc, it would be a sort of top-tier ending.

Setting the bar that high would actually be a good selling point for multiplayer and dlc, which EA puts so much emphasis on anyway. If that possible ending is out there, people who wouldn't usually bother might be encouraged to do so. I myself always get story dlc for games, but almost never bother with multiplayer. But if it was a way to get the otherwise unachievable ending I would. I might even shock myself by enjoying it, which would be a plus, because when you buy a game, you can't just buy the main game and leave the multiplayer out. If getting this ending means using MP, I can't say afterwards I didn't get my money's worth.

User Info: ShadowAngemon

5 years ago#8
Considering with my current MP scores that I have max readiness from the start of the game, I do wish that the readiness could go above "even odds" of winning. It would be awesome if it turned out the Reapers had just vastly underestimated the people of the galaxy.
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User Info: Wii0player

5 years ago#9
Yeah, it's not like it would be to hard to make an ending where the Crucible disables Reaper technology, allowing for a conventional victory to be possible.

I mean the Crucible could've done anything, yet Bioware turns it into the one thing they said they weren't going to have in the game.
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User Info: deathscythe257

5 years ago#10
Remember, the reapers have been around for millions of years...

So they have processed countless species, the screenshot in ME2 showing their numbers counts roughly 200-300 reapers, I don't doubt their numbers are even greater. I think leviathan explains how great their numbers truly were

Not to mention, it took the whole citadel fleet, minus the destiny ascension (damaged IIRC), and an alliance strike force to just take down sovereign, who was more focused not on combat, but on trying to open the dark space gate...

Even if your War Assets are 20,000... Well, it wont matter
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  3. I know this would be asking too much, but....(ending spoilers)

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