Drell Vanguard Weaponry

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User Info: XgArrancar

5 years ago#11
Wraith is pretty much best shotgun for vanguards, it also happens to be one of the shotguns with the lowest spread, so you finding at lacking in damage and ranged effectiveness means you are either not aiming for the head or just plain missing.
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User Info: Caelestine

5 years ago#12
Hurricane. I think the HVB is bugged so you are still at 200% and armed with one of the highest DPS weapon in the game.

User Info: PoopMasterGoetz

5 years ago#13
SMG HVB doesn't increase weight.
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User Info: GoldenSWarriors

5 years ago#14
Use the Talon. It is not lacking damage, and it is decent from the range you should be using it from.
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User Info: YamatoBeats

5 years ago#15
I would say to give the Wraith a go a few times. The rate of fire definitely leaves something to be desired but if you're looking for a faster recharge time with decent damage output, that's the go-to weapon. If I remember correctly you can also put the HVB on it without increasing its weight so that's definitely another plus.

If you're looking for more weapon damage, definitely go with the Claymore. If you're looking for better survivability, use a Wraith. You're sacrificing (what I think) a little damage for loads better cooldown.
Haley Joel Osment 5 years ago#16
ghosta2 posted...
Piranha, use the Piranha.

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User Info: perfect_general

5 years ago#17
I like equipping mine with the Wraith. If you don't have it light enough yet, the eviscerator is a decent option. You really need the high cooldown for him to survive at the higher levels.
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User Info: PhilOnDez

5 years ago#18
Haley Joel Osment posted...
ghosta2 posted...
Piranha, use the Piranha.


That. Also, if you put a scope on it, the talon pretty much plays like a sniper at up to medium range. It's ridiculously versatile, it deals bonus damage to shields, gets by shield gate to the same extent as any other shotgun, and it's not too terribly heavy. Definitely one of the weapons most deserving of its UR status.
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User Info: perfect_general

5 years ago#19
I actually don't like the piranha for the drellguard because it requires sustained fire to be effective and he's really a hit and run kind of class and it stinks at longer ranges.
"He who laughs last, doesn't get the joke"

User Info: otakon2006

5 years ago#20
The Disciple with the new barrel mod and accuracy mod works wonder on him, at least in my experience.
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