What's your favorite way to kill an enemy?

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User Info: Tic Tac

Tic Tac
5 years ago#1
Either in general or specific to one enemy type.

For me there's nothing more satisfying than winning a Smash duel with a Dragoon. Even more so when we're both perfectly in synch.
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User Info: OEIO999

5 years ago#2
Headshot. Nothing feels more satisfying than watching an annoying pests' head disappear and the body lumbering to the floor

User Info: BDJayce

5 years ago#3
Biotic Explosions are nice.. hell anything that explodes and kills something while damaging those around it is my favorite.
GT: JamesBolton0723

User Info: Talon5967

5 years ago#4
Any attack similar to the one used by the enemy I'm killing. For example, impaling phantoms with SS, or torching pyros with Flamer.

After that, setting Cerberus troops on fire, and then watching them burn.
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User Info: Safer_777

5 years ago#5
Shoot them until they die.
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User Info: Skeith117

5 years ago#6
decapitating a poser phantom with my shadows heavy melee
they still eat their young, proto-culture null and void
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User Info: CaoSlayer

5 years ago#7
Recon mine.
Caoslayer, butchering english language since 6/9/2001

User Info: Nafzger

5 years ago#8
Knocking them on the floor with concussive shot, then lobbing a grenade onto their prone body. It's such a vicious way to murder someone.
XBL:ArsenalofGlory | PSN: Nafzger

User Info: The O RLY Owl

The O RLY Owl
5 years ago#9
cryo explosions
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User Info: TheLast0neAlive

5 years ago#10
Punching a Ravager in half with the Batarians falcon punch.
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  3. What's your favorite way to kill an enemy?

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