So how much have you spent on Mass Effect 3?

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User Info: Spider5800

4 years ago#31
$80 for CE
$10 for Leviathan
$15 (I think) for Omega
$2 each for the weapon packs.

So $109 (before tax), although since both my wife and I play it, and have been on pretty consistently since launch day, i'd say I've gotten my money's worth.
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User Info: SinisterSamurai

4 years ago#32
$10 or whatever for the Online Pass. Clever people have ways of getting games for free.
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User Info: ShadowAngemon

4 years ago#33
I loaned one of my friends my second disc and he just bought the online pass, too.
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User Info: DZ0D2

4 years ago#34
Only on the CE and that's it.
Humble THQ Bundle was a good buy.
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User Info: Havoc49J

4 years ago#35

I technically dont even own this game. My roommate does.
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User Info: kamikazeman41

4 years ago#36
79 for the ce. 10 for leviathan and probably another 50 on buying mp packs. And I also bought the whole series on ps3 for me gf
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User Info: Natas_Diablo

4 years ago#37
too much probably :/
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User Info: PhilOnDez

4 years ago#38
I think I got a new copy on sale for 29, paid for from ashes and leviathan, the weapon packs, and then a PSP with each MP DLC I've downloaded
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User Info: meltor13

4 years ago#39
-however much the CE was, $80?
-One of the SP weapon packs
-Alt. Appearance Pack
-Untold # of monies on MP stuff

worth it.
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User Info: otakon2006

4 years ago#40
CE and that is IT! EA is getting no more money from me on the ME series if I can help it. Plus I have no real desire to even go BACK to the SP campaign unless they release some awesome expansion.
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  3. So how much have you spent on Mass Effect 3?

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