Operation Alamo Commendation Pack

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User Info: Boohuut

4 years ago#41
Valkyrie II
After 3 crusader's upgrade in a row

User Info: orangenee

4 years ago#42
Hurricaine I.

I want to marry it and plant my seed in it.
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User Info: AnonyMouseX

4 years ago#43
Third eagle in a row. I'm now running it on my fQE and Fury cuz, hey, why not...

User Info: jkocka00

4 years ago#44
Eagle III

Now have:
Eagle III
Valiant VI
Crusader VII
Hurricane VII
Valkyrie I
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User Info: Caelestine

4 years ago#45
Hurricane. Yes. How I love thee :p

User Info: sonicpsycho13

4 years ago#46
Eagle VI
Hurricane IX
Crusader VIII
Valiant I
Valkyrie 0
XBL GT: SonicDPsycho
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User Info: Nafzger

4 years ago#47
Right now I have Eagle VIII, Crusader VI, Valkyrie I, Hurricane II, and Valiant V

I got a Valiant V. I'm really annoyed by that.
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User Info: MerenwenHelyane

4 years ago#48
Valiant IV
Moms can have fun too. Get over it.

User Info: BitterBear

4 years ago#49
Valkyrie III
Eagle VIII
Crusader II
Hurricane II
Valiant III

An okay little spread with a helping of "screw you" from the Eagle. I wish I hadn't skipped out on those weekend operations when I took a break from the game, but you live you learn. I'm keeping up with them now because I know I'll start playing again before too long and I don't want to regret missing out on the freebies.

User Info: EDMartyr

4 years ago#50
Crusader VIII
Eagle VI
Hurricane IV
Valiant III
Valkyrie I

RNG did right by me this time. I like the Valkyrie, it did not disappoint.
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