School shooting and Mass Effect

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User Info: Mr_Pipboy

5 years ago#51
MurphysGhost posted...
Mr_Pipboy posted...
Point is LEGAL guns are not the problem.

Damn it, said I was gonna drop it, but, just one thing - in the incident today, legal guns were indeed the problem, is the indication from the news. Registered to the killer's mother, whom he killed with them.

Career criminals and gang members are easy enough to identify. Apparently 'normal' people who do crazy stuff at a later date, much less so. Something to consider?

They weren't registered to him. The minute he picked them up and used them, they became ILLEGAL GUNS. Gun ownership is a big responsibility. Had the mother apparently locked hers away, the situation may have turned out differently.

I too don't really want to argue this point, as this isn't the place and we're never going to make headway, so i will simply just that the the situation sucks, I feel for the families, and I will be disgusted by the media coverage because by immortalizing this coward, they encourage others to mimic the crime.
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User Info: SinisterSamurai

5 years ago#52
When I opened this thread, I was waiting for someone to say:
"You think it was cause of the ending?"
And when no one did, it took me 30 seconds not to post that out of sheer trollery.

Anyway, people are talking about getting proactive and trying to stop people before they get to this point. I can only laugh at the abandonment of human rights that line of thinking favors. Like we're going to start arresting people for thinking about it, now.
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User Info: MurphysGhost

5 years ago#53
@ Mr. Pipboy - Agreed.

Edit: And you're quite right about the legality of the guns, fair point.
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User Info: WatermelonFarts

5 years ago#54
EliteGuard99 posted...
WatermelonFarts posted...
I don't see why I'm supposed to care 20 something kids got shot. I don't care about kids starving to death in Africa, or female babies in China being neglected because they're female.

I also don't see why people get upset when I don't care.

i don't think the word "troll" means what you think it means
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User Info: TheBraveOne

5 years ago#55
RKOMe2011 posted...
For your info I am 100% all American and I was born an American. I am just saying these are dark times we are seeing these tragic events fold out & play more often there have been several bad cases like this but the Colorado & this are now the worst we have in American History.

Rather they were re-inacting these were some sick sick evil & twisted people these were little kids at the beginning of there life they will never get to see another christmas the parents is who I am worried about now they will have a christmas without there child.

My thoughts and prayers are going for there parents losing there children at such as young age. To die that young & for no reason there is no reason for that these kids were just innocent children at the beginning stages of there lives.

This sick pup took the cowards way out, I wish we could have put this jack-ass through the ringer, made him suffer but no are legal system is insane they would just say he was mentally-unstable so I dont know what to think about this situation.

This was indeed a dark day in American History & my thoughts go to the parents who lost there young today.

There was no rhyme reason or cause for this & I demand to know why this moron sick twisted pup did what he did and why he did what he did.

Videogames are not the cause some people are just evil.

I understand you concerns and in no way was any of this persons actions justified, but you and alot of people that keep hoisting that flag of "these are dark days" need to understand that this nation and modern civilization as a whole is relatively young.
There have been and will be mass murders and killings. It's a dark part of human nature. Yes bad things are happening, but in the history of the world bad things have always happened. The key is not to focus on them in a way that makes you lose faith in humanity, which alot of people do.
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User Info: darkace77450

5 years ago#56
*waits for Bob Costas to take this opportunity to mount his soap box and tell us guns are responsible for this loss of life*

*wonders why Bob Costas didn't assign similar blame to alcohol and liquor after last week's incident with the Dallas Cowboys*

Prayers and condolences to all affected by this tragedy.

User Info: PhilOnDez

5 years ago#57
Mr_Pipboy posted...
MurphysGhost posted...
Shadowstar108 posted...
This isn't a gun control issue; it's a social issue. Someone, somewhere had to notice that something wasn't right with this man. Society should be more caring to people who need help, even if they may refuse it. I'd rather talk to someone about their problems on a couch than through a glass window and a phone.

I really think it's both.

People need to pay more attention to warning signs and offer help, but there are times when there's little to no concrete warning for an event like this.

I'm not under any illusion that guns in America are going to simply go away (nor do I think they should be outright abolished- I absolutely support responsible hunting, for example), but stricter controls on handguns and high-powered assault weapons is something that I think deserves a good, hard look.

Its not a matter of the strictness of the controls or regulations. Point is LEGAL guns are not the problem. So making even stricter laws on gun ownership hurts you as a citizen trying to defend yourself and your family. Criminals do not care about owning guns lawfully. Enforcing the gun laws that are on the books should be the priority. There are already laws on the books concerning gun ownership.

But Pip, I can buy a gun at a gun show in Alabama and then bring it to New York or Chicago where gun laws are strict!

Yes you can, but that is no longer a LEGAL gun, it is an ILLEGAL gun and you are a criminal. There are laws on the books that prevent you from doing that.

So then how do all these criminals get illegal guns into cities that have tighter gun control?

Well, I think you answered your own question by calling them criminals. I am in favor of waiting periods and background checks, but once again, criminals are not.

Just to add a bit to this, if you go to Alabama to buy a gun, you'll only be able to purchase rifles and shotguns legally. If you can talk a resident into buying a handgun for you then you'll be able to obtain one (illegally) but I know people who've tried and had 0 luck despite offering several hundred dollars for the person to make the transaction.
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User Info: TheFeshPince

5 years ago#58
SinisterSamurai posted...
When I opened this thread, I was waiting for someone to say:
"You think it was cause of the ending?"
And when no one did, it took me 30 seconds not to post that out of sheer trollery.

Anyway, people are talking about getting proactive and trying to stop people before they get to this point. I can only laugh at the abandonment of human rights that line of thinking favors. Like we're going to start arresting people for thinking about it, now.

They already do. You can get locked up in a mental facility for an undetermined amount of time for homicidal threats.
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User Info: Ertrick36

5 years ago#59
Video games is always the fall-guy. It is primarily because most of these people (most namely Fox news reporters) don't really understand the workings of a human mind. They know there is a deep, underlying reason, but they are so lacking in psychological analysis skills that they will try anything to explain what it is that caused this. That and extreme conservatives (note that I used the word extreme, not average) have always been against video games. So even if they actually studied some basic psychology, they would still blame video games because they want so badly to bring them down. And until we get a trained psychologist on the field that is unbiased towards games, video games will continue to be the fall-guy. What I honestly think will be attacked first, however, is the gun control laws in that area, since the guy used a gun.

If I were to take a stab at figuring out his psychological profile, I would say that he did not have a very good childhood, that his family was dysfunctional, was a working/middle class fellow, and had a grudge against some of the people he shot (obviously not the children he shot, since you'd have to be a serious f***-up of a human being to have such a grudge against children as to want to kill them). These are not the things Fox News is going to think about when trying to figure out what the deal with this psychopath is (I don't care who you are, if you willingly kill children, you've got some serious issues). They're going to make assumptions, and same with the Liberal news stations (it's like they think video games have special powers that can make people go out and slaughter children). I'd like to think that PBS would at least provide some light on this affair and actually uncover the mystery behind this man's psyche rather than just blindly blame the availability of guns or the fact that he liked to play games.
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User Info: Fou Lu

Fou Lu
5 years ago#60
Not this again... Years ago I saw a kid carded trying to buy Starcraft. Both Starcraft and Mass Effect are science fiction. Mass Effect has you killing aliens and robots, with the occasional human bad guys. How either of those games are murder simulators, when the main enemies are fantastical creatures that don't exist in real life, is a mystery to me.
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