What choice in the trilogy made you spend the most time thinking about? SPOILERS

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User Info: nnytherkiller

4 years ago#11
jkocka00 posted...
nnytherkiller posted...
jkocka00 posted...
Whether or not to buy the copy of Fornax in ME2.

Pfft bought it in an instant.

Pervert- I just bought it for the articles hoping they would help me in a future mission.

A future escort mission?
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User Info: Doofe_2012

4 years ago#12
Definitely the ME3 ending.

Besides that, though, the first time I had to choose whether to save Ashley or Kaidan in ME1. I loved them both, but at the end of the day Ashley is my LI and Kaidan was just my bro. Vice-versa on my FemShep.
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User Info: Nidtendofreak

4 years ago#13
Rachni Queen in ME1. Close second was the missile side mission in ME2 where you can only destroy one of two missiles.

When I got to ME3's ending, I just facepalmed then went to the green light because it was just a straight line in front of me.
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User Info: Wii0player

4 years ago#14
Tali/Legion conflict, didn't have enough paragon or renegade...it's why Tali ended up dead in my "canon" playthrough. Other than that, it was help or abandon the council.
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User Info: sheepman23

4 years ago#15
Whether or not to let Kal'Reegar shoot missiles at the Geth Colossus.


Actually, it was probably the Collector Base mission. It was so tense knowing that people wouldn't survive if I didn't make the right decisions...

User Info: Rafficus_III

4 years ago#16
ME3 ending. What form of playing God is the least of evils: mass universal genetic restructuring, assuming control of my enemies and thus becoming the most powerful known being in the galaxy, or end the war once and for all at the expense of debatable life forms?

Mass Effect fans: **** about having serious and impacting decisions, **** a brick when we're finally given the hardest one at the end with no clear answer as to what the best one was, leaving us to our thoughts.
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User Info: VirtualAnomoly

4 years ago#17
In my canon "Cole Shepard", none, I made everything instantly, as soon as I read all options I said it on the spot with little choice, like Shepard would have had to.

In my taking it slow to think about it playthrough "Colton Shepard" (I am conceited) It was the Rannoch climax.
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User Info: Raze_da_Kitsune

4 years ago#18
ME2 on the collector ship. Whether or not to take assault rifle training or dat Widow.
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User Info: RiKuToTheMiGhtY

4 years ago#19
ME 2 making sure I gained everyone's loyalty, and made sure everyone lived to tell the tale.
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User Info: ghosta2

4 years ago#20
Rachni Queen followed by saving the council.
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