What choice in the trilogy made you spend the most time thinking about? SPOILERS

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User Info: CharonDynami

4 years ago#41
kungfuj0 posted...
Honestly, probably this.

But for the sake of this topic, I'll say the thing with Grunt. I didn't know what the outcome would be before doing that mission, and I had no clue which decision would let him live, so I basically ended up telling the queen to go **** herself. Grunt lived anyway, so I was happy. Queenie had a 2nd chance, and she still managed to **** it up, so she got what she had coming to her.

So you expected the Queen to resist the onslaught of the Reapers by herself?
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User Info: Vaoris_Klaw

4 years ago#42
Rafficus_III posted...
ME3 ending. What form of playing God is the least of evils: mass universal genetic restructuring, assuming control of my enemies and thus becoming the most powerful known being in the galaxy, or end the war once and for all at the expense of debatable life forms?

Mass Effect fans: **** about having serious and impacting decisions, **** a brick when we're finally given the hardest one at the end with no clear answer as to what the best one was, leaving us to our thoughts.

I'd probably agree with this. That or Rannoch: save the geth or save the quarians (not knowing you could do both the first time around).

User Info: Unbridled9

4 years ago#43
Legion's loyalty choice. Was it better to be brainwashed and alive, or dead for having your own thoughts?

Almost every other choice was pretty straight-forwards though. I had longer pause when the choice seemed super-obvious because I felt like taking the obvious path would cause me to miss out on something. It didn't.
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User Info: SnuffSevenfoldX

4 years ago#44
Virmire. Who to leave behind.

For some reason that, even after 20+ playthroughs, always leaves me feeling guilty and horrible inside. Even if both characters are disliked by some and liked by others etc, if you have them in combat then you begin to feel like they've got your back, so when you have to leave someone behind...

Most of the stuff in ME3 as well.

For all it's faults, the choices they did give you have far bigger significance (imo) than most of the choices in ME1 & 2, but it's understandable because it's the last in the trilogy so there's no need to have certain plot threads unresolved/still hanging etc.

At the end of the day, even before all the DLC for ME3 is out, it will still be my favourite series...or at least Desert Island discs style :P

User Info: retep_one

4 years ago#45
ME3 ending decision
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User Info: big_lo1836

4 years ago#46
Whether to sabotage the genophage or not. Wrex was dead in my canon playthrough, so I really toiled over that decision, not revealing the dalahtrass plan until Mordin figured it out himself. Boy am I glad I had enough charm to screw the Krogan over and keep Mordin alive. In fact, wrex dying is the sole reason I make sure to lean one way or another during playthroughs. I went middle of the road first time through ME1 so Ashley shot him without me signaling her.
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User Info: zxghostravenxz

4 years ago#47
My toughest choice was to either take the shot or let Garrus win our little shoot off at the top of the citadel in ME3. Garrus was always the one character I took with me every time from ME1 through ME3. He always had your back in every situation, never hesitated once at all to do what was right. So in the end, I could never take the shot. Then that speech about at the very end about "I'll have a drink waiting for you." Made me tear up.
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User Info: Nafzger

4 years ago#48
Giving Conrad an autograph.

No, really,

How do I know he's really a fan of mine? What if he just wants my autograph to steal my identity? I don't know this man. He could be a deranged maniac or an identity thief or a weird stalker or pervert.

But then it gets weirder. Then he wants a picture of me? What if he's getting some kind of Face/Off plastic surgery or some other crazy stuff, and he's actually some maniacal terrorist plotting to commit an atrocity using my Shepard's face?

Or he could be just a friendly, silly little man who has a mancrush on Commander Shepard.

But I didn't know. And I think about these things. Do I trust this stranger, or do I refuse him the time of day?
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User Info: ZERO2936

4 years ago#49
Whether to save the Rachni Queen or not in Mass Effect 3, believe it or not.
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User Info: Xero_Macharius

4 years ago#50
Which class to play as in ME1
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