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5 years ago#1
So I just bought the entire trilogy pack, and would like to know what the best Shepard is to play through all 3 games in your opinion, and also what playstyle goes along best with the build. Also is there any thing I should know before starting, Its my first playthrough.

User Info: VanUltima

5 years ago#2
First game would be solider, and 2 and 3 you can play as a vanguard. But that's just me.
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User Info: spedward62

5 years ago#3
I prefer Adept, and keep same character all the way through the series.
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User Info: Drusken

5 years ago#4
Femshep infiltrator all day. Just focus in one or two weapons, no matter what class you grab. Depends on your play style though. Do you like using powers or just pull trigger until dead. I prefer a mix of both. Plus I prefer being able to hack/open locked stuff myself instead if having another character speced into it. So infiltrator fit into that roll perfectly. I would say try out each class on the opening level but that may bore you. So some youtube videos on the classes may help with that. Also they took away the skills associated with hacking and locked chest in 2 and 3 so that's not a worry anymore. If that was ever a concern.

User Info: spfurm01

5 years ago#5
Sentinels were my favorite in ME1/ME2, but they changed significantly in SP for ME3 (largely due to the power recharge speed penalty imposed by tech armor) and really became more tanks (tech armor + fortification bonus power yay) rather than jack of all trades and debuff machines.
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User Info: Tooquik

5 years ago#6
One thing you should know is that its all about how u wanna play. As u can see everyone gave u a different answer. Personally I would play vanguard for all 3. But in ME3 I realized how cool the engineer was with his combat drone. It keeps the enemy off u as if u have a personal sidekick. The enemies Have to look at the drone *except atlas, brutes, ravagers, and banshees
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