Power Damage/Headshot Bonus? Level 5 Passive questions

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  3. Power Damage/Headshot Bonus? Level 5 Passive questions

User Info: meltor13

4 years ago#1
For most characters, the level 5 Passive selection is a choice between a boost in Power Damage or a damage boost for headshots.

What do you choose normally and why? Just trying to decide. I usually end up going power damage....is the headshot bonus noticeable?

On a class like the Drell Adept, for instance...do you go Power Damage, to boost your Reave DPS? or do you go headshots to boost the Drell's already solid weapon damage....

These are the things i bother myself with.

good day sirs.
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User Info: DXLR8R

4 years ago#2
Depends on the character and you.

For example, with an Infiltrator it's clear that it will be headshot bonus damage, for those relying on weakening with powers, power damage.

If you actually do shoot more with the Drell Adept, you just have to think how many times you do shoot and how many times you land headshots, or how many times you hit with the powers and have to run or have someone else follow up with the kill.
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User Info: terrysmay04

4 years ago#3
I almost always take power damage unless I have a class I specifically play for headshots (Geth engieneer with GPR)
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User Info: Fear the MONKEY

Fear the MONKEY
4 years ago#4
generally, classes that focus more on powers than guns (adept, engineer, sentinel, vanguard) i go power

classes like soldier and most infiltrators, i go headshot. the shadow infiltrator might be an exception by going power...

thats what i do. you can pick whichever you want though
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User Info: meltor13

4 years ago#5
i guess my main predicament is that for many of the biotic classes, the actual power damage USUALLY shouldn't matter, seeing as how biotic explosions don't use power damage as a multiplier, only the ranks of the powers involved (and any +explosion evolutions).

So for an AA power damage would essentially be worthless, right? Because you're mainly going to be Warp-Throwing things and the headshot bonus would help on enemies you Stasis.

But for a class like, say, the Turian Sentinel....he's mainly a Power-->Shoot type guy. Do you go for Power Damage so you can give more oomph to your Warp/Overloads or do you add to the already substantial weapon prowess and boost headshots?

Just wondering what the masses think.
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User Info: Zanzura

4 years ago#6
Not a whole lot of powers actually deal significant enough damage to really benefit from power damage bonuses. Just going by memory, the majority of them turn out to be grenades. The rest tend to serve a specific purpose such as stunning or debuffing an enemy's defenses to make your weapons deal more damage. I'd go with more weapon damage over power bonuses for the most part. Rank 5 in particular depends on how well you can get headshots, so if you're not confident on your ability to aim, power damage might get more use.

In the case of powers such as Overload/Energy Drain, you might want more power damage to be able to completely strip enemies of their defenses to avoid shield gates, but that really only matters to people using high damage single shot weapons, and Phasic Rounds do that job a whole lot better.
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User Info: code_kirin

4 years ago#7
The headshot bonus adds a 20% additive weapon damage boost to your existing passive/weapon mod bonuses whenever you score a headshot. It also works vs boss headshots.

I actually do prefer taking it more on many classes now. DA benefits a whole lot from having full weapon damage. He can pop heads like a champ with reave + Talon. My AA arc pistol sniper also uses it. Turian Sentinel benefits because he's a great weapon user due to his passive. For most engineers it's a toss-up.. I'm considering giving it to my human engineers, since power damage isn't too big a deal.

User Info: sonicpsycho13

4 years ago#8
This generally depends on the class and how I play it. Some classes are automatic weapon focused, like N7 Destroyer, Turian Soldier, Turian Ghost, Geth Infiltrator, etc, so I go for headshots with them.

However, even a weapon focused class like my Javelin X equipped Geth Engineer ignores headshots because I only go for them on bosses, since I one-shot everything else.

Power damage does boost grenade damage, so it can be very good for grenade classes, like the N7 Demolisher and Drell Adept and Vanguard.

For combo classes, like the Asari Adept, Human Adept, and Human Sentinel, the points may be better spent on Fitness.
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User Info: CoconutMay

4 years ago#9
I generally go for power damage on basically everything since I never really try to go for headshots, I just go for bodyshots.
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