Who would you replace James Vega with?

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User Info: Nafzger

5 years ago#11
Can I replace EDI instead?
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User Info: Nickious

5 years ago#12
Nafzger posted...
Can I replace EDI instead?

Tommorrow you can.
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User Info: Environments

5 years ago#13
I'd replace James with Kasumi, EDI with Samara and LI with Wrex.
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User Info: Distant_Rainbow

5 years ago#14

Vega's role is a tank, and he has everything Grunt had in ME2; Fortification(even though it's different here), Incendiary Ammo, and Carnage(i.e. Concussive Shot).

I don't have a problem with Vega's role; he fills in a nice niche in the squad. However, I don't want a 'nobody' to take that role. Krogans should fit that niche, and as for Wrex I can understand the politics issue, not to mention he'd be wtfoverpowered like he was in ME1.

Nafzger posted...
Can I replace EDI instead?

And yeah, replace her with Legion. Legion's forced death was nonsensical anyway. Let him have EDI's skillsets so that he won't be a Tali clone this time, though.

Shepard's squad should be completely multiracial, with representatives from every race as possible. Except Salarians, since every Salarian sucks ass except for Mordin and Kirrahe.
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User Info: Tical42

5 years ago#15
I agree with dropping EDI instead. I really wasn't a fan of her story either, and would have preferred she stay as the ships AI.

With that being said, l would have liked Miranda back. She was pushed as Shepard's #2 in the second game, she had a good power set. Also her romance option wouldn't have felt so wasted.

User Info: SCStunner316

5 years ago#16
Heineken14 posted...
Zaeed or go home.

This. Some people may have considered him one dimensional, but this game needs an old-school ass kicker with you at all times. I took him all the time in ME2.
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User Info: True_Nick

5 years ago#17

User Info: skullgreykilla

5 years ago#18
Grunt would be the least work to replace vega all of James powers would work with grunt.
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User Info: Carribean_Cool

5 years ago#19
Grunt. At least Wrex's reason for not joining actually makes sense. Vega has the exact same power set as Grunt too, besides carnage and grenades, but Grunt would have most likely acquired Carnage anyways because squadmates in ME3 have one more power as opposed to ME2 squadmates. Look at Tali and Garrus, they each gained another power.

And while I'm at it, replace EDI with Legion. EDI alone ruins the squad for me. It's such a joke, and a bad one too. It just felt like they were grasping at straws to not include a ME2 squadmate. I honestly would have preferred another brand new character like Vega as opposed to EDI, at least it would have made way more sense.
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User Info: VasDeferens

5 years ago#20
Kai Leng . They should have made him recruit-able .
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