Who would you replace EDI with?

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User Info: Skitzocrayon

4 years ago#11
Spider5800 posted...
Legion. Fills in the same role of a synthetic AND engineer, without the silly romance plot shoehorned in.

I like EDI. I hated her whole arc in ME3, though. Making her a squadmate felt like poor fanservice, and her romance with Joker was forced and added nothing of value to the game. Should have kept her as a talking beach ball IMO.

imma have to disagree...

they were pulling a Data.......and she was becoming human-ish.

worked really well when they revealed she started out as the rogue ai at the moon training base....and though i disliked Synthesis....it came off really well with the EC version with Edi's narration
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User Info: Nickious

4 years ago#12
Rafficus_III posted...
Just going to vote Miranda until we get her. I posted my reasoning on her last thread. Can you also include the option of "No replacement"?

Next poll I suppose, wanted to use all the viable characters before throwing that on. I guess I could have just left Morinth out because really, who in their right mind would take her over Samara.

I wasn't expecting much popularity with EDI as a actual squadmate. Surprised.
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User Info: popichuelo

4 years ago#13
EDI was one of my favorite characters in ME3, both from a squad and story perspective. Keep her, still space Liara and Ashley/Kaidan. Space and then Thanix Cannon Liara even.

User Info: Spider5800

4 years ago#14
Data went through multiple seasons of the show and a couple movies before really connecting with others emotionally (and even then, he had to shortcut it with an emotion chip). EDI went from a borderline emotionless AI to Joker's sexbot in less than a year (even taking both ME2 AND ME3 into account).

It was just too rapid a switch. And the way they went about getting her a body felt pretty dumb too. An 'infiltration bot' was sent to the base to kill everyone instead of just, you know, one of Cerberus's hundreds of agents? Doesn't that sound kinda silly to anyone else? Why go through all the trouble of making an advanced robot to do stuff a regular human could do?

It just felt like unnecessary fluff to put EDI in a body for fanboys to drool over. She was already a good character as the ship's AI, and she wasted a roster spot that could have been filled with a character that makes more sense.
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User Info: MrPibbRules

4 years ago#15
No one, EDI was one of the few good things going for this game.
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User Info: Nafzger

4 years ago#16
EDI was terrible. I wish there was an option for "anyone" to get her off my squad. Her place is the Normandy, not the front lines or as Joker's blowup doll.
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User Info: Servare

4 years ago#17
Either Jarvis or The Aviator AI.
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User Info: TheM00d

4 years ago#18
I liked EDI but I really didn't want her for a squad mate.

User Info: LazyAssNinja

4 years ago#19
After much thought, I wouldn't replace her. I never used her much, only on occasions, but I feel with the way the story was set up there's no real reason to swap anyone out. Everyone served their purposes and had their places in the game, but that's just me. If I HAD to swap, I think I'd choose Miranda. I don't think Miranda played a big enough part in Mass Effect 3.
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User Info: coomobile

4 years ago#20

I agree that EDI was too forced.
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