Who would you replace EDI with?

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User Info: phoenix52

5 years ago#31
I chose Kasumi because she could conceivably have tech specialization and I like her way more than Legion. That said, I like EDI a lot and I don't mind that she got a body and can use that in combat now. It just didn't seem forced to me.
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User Info: Chaobringer

5 years ago#32
I'd replace her with Jack, I don't have a problem with EDI at all it's just that I almost never take her on missions were as Jack was one of my big four companions in ME2. That and it blows that they gave her a new outfit and everything just to give her like three total appearances in the game. Had she been a squaddie , it be Jack/Garrus or Jack/Liara all the time.

Hell, I want Jack, Zaeed, Grunt, and Kasumi back as permanent members, would say Wrex but it wouldn't make sense since as a leader he has obligations.

User Info: ZERO2936

5 years ago#33
It would have been far better for the story if Miranda was part of the squad.

User Info: XenoSuikoden

5 years ago#34

User Info: OEIO999

5 years ago#35
The only crew-member in this game that were remotely okay. Were Garrus, Vega and to a certain degree Javik (although he was a HUGE disappointment for being the LAST prothean around).

EDI wouldn't stop talking about crap (I only talked to her because as a Paragon Commander it was my duty to converse with my crew), further proven by her role in the ending-slideshows.

Liara wouldn't stop acting lovey-dovey and just all around annoying. Do 100+ Space tentacles get PMS?

Tali's personality was a real bummer, compared to ME1& 2. She had a few nice lines, but overall, it'd be better if she just jumped off the cliff

...anddddd who cares about the other two. I don't even wanna talk about them

So in the end, they should've replaced 2/3 of the crew members with people from ME2 and Wrex, don't forget Wrex

User Info: WatermelonFarts

5 years ago#36
how would legion make any sense
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User Info: LiquidFuze180

5 years ago#37
Legion. You ****ing get him for like 5 minutes in ME2.

Can you imagine Legion interacting with Javik? ...Jesus.
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User Info: Aigonroth

5 years ago#38
I actually happen to like EDI as a party member but I liked her more as the Ship's AI, thusly I would replace her with Legion.
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User Info: ZacTB

5 years ago#39
I'm going for Samara, since I went for Grunt to replace James and I also want Samara to come back. Legion would be a better replacement but I think his role in the game and death scene is done really well, and I don't think he could offer that much as a squad mate than other possible people.

User Info: ozzyman314

5 years ago#40
LiquidFuze180 posted...
Legion. You ****ing get him for like 5 minutes in ME2.

Can you imagine Legion interacting with Javik? ...Jesus.

Something tells me that interaction would end with something getting thrown out the airlock.
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